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Opinions on Long Distance Relationships


   As pixels replace proximity and screens become the stage for shared moments, we ask whether love can last when distance becomes a narrative. Long-distance relationships evoke different opinions depending on people’s experience. Time zone differences can complicate schedules, making it challenging for people to find time to have meaningful conversations. 

Perspective on Long-Distance Love 

    A fervent believer who sees the distance as a test of true love is Jasiel Jerez, a Miami High alumna, who states, “A long distance relationship is a bond that distance can not break.”  

   She shares that she’s had one successful long-distance relationship with someone that lives a four-hour drive away and one that was unsuccessful with someone who lived 9 hours and 30 minutes on a plane.  

    She states, “When I had a partner that lived thousands of miles away, the future looked very hard to accomplish because we lived 2 worlds apart. In my recent relationship, I can see him once a month, and that’s enough for us.”  

Challenges and Concerns 

    Trust becomes an essential part of relationships with partners often challenged by insecurities made by distance. Senior Luna Torres, who has never been in a long-distance relationship, states, “You’re going to miss not having that person there with you.”   And then there is the issue of trust. Luna says, “You can trust them as much as you want but you’re always going to overthink.”  

      According to the article “How to Deal with Long Distance Relationship Depression” posted on the website, it is easy for someone in a long-distance relationship to get lonely and depressed when they spend time apart from their partner.  

    Indeed, Jasiel Jerez admits to getting into a state of sadness and depression every time she has to leave her boyfriend and realizes she doesn’t know the next time she’ll see him.  

    A 9th grade female who chose to remain anonymous, was in a long-distance relationship for 8 months with someone from Wisconsin.  She said they ended up drifting apart and that’s why they ended. This was due to the lack of communication and the trouble of making their schedules line up. She states, “The main thing in all relationships is communication; it can really solve a lot especially in a long-distance relationship.”   

Support of Family and Friends 

   Nowadays, long distance relationships can be seen as unserious, and family can be skeptical about the long-distance partner. As a high school or college student it may be difficult for your parents to come to terms with the distant relationship.  

  Senior Melissa Perez, who was in a long-distance relationship with someone that lived in Texas, elaborates on how comments from her friends and family bothered her such as “he probably has another girlfriend where he lives.” This gave her concerns about the relationship and made her overthink for most of it. 

    The solution to this can be by meeting each other’s families which will drop the families’ doubts and negativity towards the relationship. Alumna Jasiel Jerez states, “Ever since my parents met my long-distance partner and his family, they have let us see each other more often.”  


   Senior Ambar Santos, who was in a relationship for 5 months with her partner from Tampa, explains how patience is key to a long-distance relationship. She states, “Expect challenges, but overcoming them will strengthen your relationship.”  

   Jasiel Jerez has the same mindset and states, “It’s important to have patience. If you manage to be with someone when they are so far away, you know that you have a strong bond and it’s not physical. All you can do with the distance is talk and get to know each other, and I think that’s a blessing.”  

   The anonymous freshman female states, “Make sure that you feel comfortable with the person and get to know them very well before you start dating them.” 

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