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Opinion on Electronics for School

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The photo shows someone using a device for school.

    Everyone uses electronics daily. Whether it’s a phone, a laptop, or an iPad, they could be an effective use to people when they need to work from home or for students that can also use electronics for school. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started most people ended up using electronics for any sort of assignment or work due to them being in quarantine. 

The effects on electronics at school 

    Now since the pandemic ended, electronics have been used even more for work or school purposes since people got used to it. Junior Gabriel Solis said, “I would bring my laptop to school so it’s easier for me to do my work the teachers would leave me to do, and it’s easier for me to do it on my laptop rather than on my phone.” 

     He feels like electronics are better for school because you can learn more on the internet and do work easier. It’s also easier for students to turn in stuff online. 

     Freshman Lesly Pena shares, “Electronics for me are very useful because it helps me do my work easier.  I would always bring a tablet just in case any of my teachers would ask to bring it to school to submit work.” 

     Junior Andy Rodriguez shares, “Using the internet helps a lot for my classes; that’s why I always bring some sort of device to do my work at school.” 


How electronics are useful for students 

    Electronics are what everybody uses daily, but would it work for school purposes?  Sophomore Sophi Rodriguez says, “Using my laptop is always helpful for me because I can do all my homework on time and can just send work to teachers online.”  

    Most of the time students also like working online more than doing something on paper. Junior Joey Gonzalez says, “For me it has always been easy doing my work online since it helps me do my work a lot faster and get it done on time.” 

   Junior Giovanni Barrientos says, “I’ve been learning a lot on different things throughout the school year on the internet. I feel it did change a lot in my learning because I know more stuff that I didn’t know about.”  

   Senior Meilyn Reyes says, “I feel like I improved a lot from learning online over the past few years in school, it has made a big change for me and has helped me improve in many things.”  


The disadvantages of electronics 

     There can also be some consequences for using electronics. In school, some students use the internet to cheat on their homework. 

     Sometimes people can get too distracted with electronics, especially with their phone. Senior Luna Torres says, “Sometimes when I use my phone to do my work, I usually end up getting distracted and do something else online other than doing my work.” 

     Senior Mia Calderon says, “I get distracted easily sometimes by doing my work on my phone; that’s why I would bring a laptop to help me be more productive.” 


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