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Homecoming 2018: The Tradition Continues

By Amanda Echevarria, News Editor

January 7, 2019

In most places, homecoming is the annual one week tradition in which a school welcomes back its alumni to celebrate their school experiences. Here at Miami High, where homecoming lasts approximately 1 month, it is much more than that.   The Tradition At Miami High the work to produce homecom...

Summer Sounding Like School

By Adriana Gutierrez, Staff Writer

October 1, 2018

  By Adriana Gutierrez David: Most students don’t want to do the summer assignment, including myself! Teacher: Well, David, if they aren’t willing to work hard then they shouldn’t complain later about their grades. David: But still I don’t understand why we have to do it. Teach...

Election Madness

SGA presidential candidate Alvaro Espinoza-Hueck and Class of 2018 vice presidential candidate Britney Alpizar passing out pasta during election week.

By Ariel Trueba, News Editor

April 3, 2017

“Hi! I am running for president. Would you please vote for me? Here is a brownie so you can make the right choice.”  “No! Vote for me. I am giving you candy.”   This is an example of what happens during campaign week for SGA/Class elections at MHS. Every year, Miami High elects new s...

Goodbye Cardona, Hello Puentes!

Ms. Puentes reading one of her favorite books, Withering Heights.

By Wendy Arrillaga, Staff Writer

October 24, 2016

Tests, college deadlines, and homework all take a toll on students. Fortunately, Miami High offers Creative Writing, a class where students can release themselves from the everyday rigors of more academic courses. The Creative Writing class is different from other classes because it is not a traditional...

Cellphone Use at Miami High

By Barbara Gispert

October 20, 2016

You can barely keep your eyes from it as it sits there and buzzes with notifications. Some believe it’s a distraction, and others believe it’s an advantage. Using it during class can have unpleasant consequences if it’s not for an educational purpose. But does your phone really help your le...

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