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Summer Sounding Like School

By Adriana Gutierrez, Staff Writer

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By Adriana Gutierrez

David: Most students don’t want to do the summer assignment, including myself!

Teacher: Well, David, if they aren’t willing to work hard then they shouldn’t complain later about their grades.

David: But still I don’t understand why we have to do it.

Teacher: It’s for your benefit. It will make you a better student.

David: Ummm, I doubt it… but OK.


While we’re on summer break, we look forward to having a fun time. Sometimes, however, students don’t enjoy their vacation as much as they want to because they’re worrying about their dreaded summer assignments.

Sophomore Katerina Suarez said, “During my summer, I always had the summer reading at the back of my head, no matter where I was.” Junior Bryan Hernandez added that summer is a time to get away from school and the summer reading was contradicting the whole concept. “I feel like it’s a waste of summer time because I don’t think there’s any learning from it,” said freshman Carlos Antana.

Why should we?

However, other people believe that there are some benefits from having summer homework. “I think it keeps students with a mindset that they still have to be responsible, and that they won’t forget how school feels like,” said senior Keylin Cortez.

To start the year the right way, students need to complete their summer assignments. Although not everyone considers that as a priority, they still get it done. “I still do it no matter what because they assign it as homework for a reason,” said junior Stephanie Vargas. Freshman Lizandra Olivera added that it’s important since you will most likely get a grade for it.


No point at all?

On the other hand, some students believe it’s pointless, and they refuse to do it. “I don’t waste my time on that because the F won’t affect as much since it’s only the beginning of the year,” said junior Armando Casanova. Sophomore Jasmine Ortiz agrees. She said that she prefers to spend time with her family.


Academic Aspects

Teachers are the ones that decide if and when to collect the summer work. Also, it’s their decision to choose how many grades they’re going to give for the typical summer assignment. English teacher Mr. Waugaman said that he collects the assignment at the beginning of the year, but he gives enough time for those who haven’t finished. “Every year the students must read what is instructed according their grade level and answer literary questions,” he said.

AP visual art teacher Ms. Lee said that the students had to start on their portraits and each theme during the summer. If not, they would fall behind in the class.

English teacher Ms. Berrios said that her regular students had to read The Alchemist, and honors had to read an extra one called Malala. “Students had to complete a dialectal journal for each book. If not, they will start with a Z in the gradebook and fail a quiz given the second week,” she said.






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