Summa Cum Laude


Some seniors posing for the yearbook section of Summa Cum Laude.

By Jonathan Barrientos, Staff Writer

The cream of the crop at Miami High, and maybe the future of this nation, the top 5% of the senior class, are known as summa cum laude, an honor to be proud of and certain to grab the attention of many, especially top universities looking to draft bright minds.

Although a high GPA may not measure intelligence, being lazy and just trying to meet the minimum won’t get you this title. “These students worked hard to get to where they are right now, so they deserve to be in the limelight,” said Dr. Hueck, the Advanced Academics chairperson.

“The title doesn’t really measure intelligence, but how much work you do,” said senior Randy Gregorio.

“I’ve been working hard since freshman year to get here,” added senior Cassandra Cardenas, another honoree.

Besides school, some summa cum laude seniors have other things to do like, extracurricular activities, personal errands, and work. “Every day after work I came home exhausted to a pile of homework that was due the next day, but I knew all those restless nights would pay off,” said senior Wendy Arrillaga.

Out of the 700 seniors at Miami High, summa cum laude was meant for 34 seniors, but 54 were presented with the honor. Since the summa cum laude seniors get a page in the yearbook dedicated to them, Ms. Leal, the assistant principal, decided to add other high GPA wielding students to congratulate those seniors as well.

This summa cum laude honor is organized by Advanced Academics chairperson Dr. Hueck, who believes the prestigious title gives students an advantage in getting into a good university and winning potential scholarships. All summa cum laude honorees also wear a special gold tassel when walking down that aisle on graduation day.

Most students prefer to stay humble when asked about this achievement. “Really anyone who puts their mind to it, can achieve this title. I’m proud to have earned it, but I still have a lot more to achieve,” said senior Olvin Villatoro.

Others know their place at the top. “I’m very proud because my parents get to see me graduate above everyone else,” added senior Stephanie Aguilar, who earned this title with a 4.7 weighted GPA, being number 4 in the senior class.

Even though these summa cum laude students worked hard to be at the top, there were a select few that didn’t expect to receive this honor. “Honestly, I was surprised. I did all my assignments, but I didn’t know it would get me here,” said senior Isabella Pujol.

Summa cum laude is a prestigious title that I did not expect to get all. It means so much to be honored and even get a spot in the yearbook where I can look back and remember,” said senior Jamilee Yern.