2 Years Down, 2 More to Go



By Mayisha Perez, Staff Writer

Junior year brings some unforgettable moments such as getting a class ring, going to after school sports games, visiting colleges with friends, and getting involved with your clubs during the homecoming parade.

Very soon, Miami High sophomores will take their next big step in life, and many are feeling excited and confident about becoming juniors.


Accomplishments and Encouragement

Many sophomores are happy with their 10th grade achievements. Valentina Figuera was able to get straight A’s and B’s and have perfect attendance.

Sussan Diaz said, “I became student of the month in my English class.”

Bryan Alfonso said that he got straight A’s the first two nine weeks of school.

“I joined clubs, I got good grades and finally love learning in school,” said Marcus Hepburn.

Many different things, especially support from parents, kept the sophomores on the right track to keep working hard. “My mom encourages me to keep pushing forward and to do better,” said Cielo Giordani.

Charlees Mejia said, “My father had a difficult time getting an education, so he pushes me to surpass him.”

“My friends, family, and teachers never gave up on me,” said Color Guard Member Will Smith.

Some students wish that their sophomore year could have gone better. “I wish I could have joined SGA, but hopefully I will next year,” said Rosa Mendoza. Tamia Gonzalez wishes that she could have joined a sport or club.

Others, however, know they could have done better. Marco Ramirez and Nelson Pausa said that they didn’t accomplish much this school year, while Cielo Giordani said, “I wish I could have worked harder academically.”

As junior year gets closer, sophomores become more enthusiastic. “I am excited about having new teachers and taking my SAT and ACT,” said Augustin Lorfils.

Class of 2019 secretary Angela Perez looks forward to junior year because it means that we are one step closer to graduating high school.

“Starting with new grades, going to the ring ceremony, and making new friends make me most excited for the next school year,” said Charless Mejia.


Setting new goals

New school year often means meeting new goals and setting higher standards for yourself. “My new goals are to at least score 1200 on my SAT and have 100 community service hours,” said Augustin Lorfils.

Band member Kimberly Garcia hopes to be a better musician during her junior year.

“I want to pass my SAT and take more beneficial AP classes,” said Rosa Mendoza.

“I want to work for straight A’s my junior year and earn a Book Award,” said Class of 2019 vice president Ismara Corea.

Every sophomore here at Miami High has a different plan for junior year. Marvin Morales wants to both “start and finish with good grades.”

Nelson Pausa’s only concern for junior year is to pass all his classes. For Natalia Soza it’s to get a job and refine her artistic skills.

Brandon Barrionuelo wants to raise his GPA junior year. Sussan Diaz says, “I want to only get honor roll next year and join a service club.”

“I want to take college classes and pass with flying colors,” said Kevin Severo.

Both Angela Perez and Alba Santana agreed to by join more clubs.


Events to look forward to Junior year

  • Class rings
  • College tours
  • Taking the SAT or ACT