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Miami High’s Newest 12th Grade Counselor

By Rachel Salmeron, Staff Writer

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You may not know him yet since there have been a variety of counselors for the class of 2018, but I can officially say that Mr. Victor Cuevas is the new 12th grade counselor. He once roamed the halls of Miami High as a student, but now he is one of the many alumni that work at Stingtown.

12th grade counselor

Hired on August 1, Mr. Cuevas became a counselor to help kids. What he enjoys the most about his job is helping students. That’s the passion that motivates him, but the most difficult part is that he can’t help everybody.

As a student, there was someone that inspired Mr. Cuevas to become a high school counselor, and it was his high school counselor Ms. Diaz de Villegas. She awoke something in him, and she gave him the chance to go for her job when she was retiring from MHS last year.

MHS Alumni

Mr. Cuevas graduated from Miami High with the Class of 1998. Although he said that he wasn’t the best kid during his high school years, he did participate in some school activities and was part of an old organization called “The Exchange Club”. He also played the tenor saxophone in the band for four years.

Since Mr. Cuevas’s time here as a student, he has noticed a definite change in Miami High’s appearance. “Where the counselor’s office is now, there used to be the science hall and the business education room where students learned how to type,” he said. What changed the most was the additional buildings that were built and the fact that back in his time “students had lockers and the school looked like a prison with bars that were placed on the windows.”


Life away from Miami High

After leaving MHS with the Class of 1998, he went to Miami Dade College, Florida International University, and Carlos Albizu University where he majored in philosophy and got a minor in behavior analysis and mental counseling. He is currently going to Carlos Albizu University to get his doctorate in sociology.

Before working at MHS, Mr. Cuevas worked as a general manager in Burger King next to MHS. One of the best jobs he had was being the director of food and beverages at the Sagamore Hotel on Miami Beach. He said that his worst job was when he worked in Burger King as a manager because “That job wasn’t what I saw myself doing in the future.” One complaint he had about many of his past jobs is that he had to work constantly.

Born in Miami, 36-year-old Mr. Cuevas is happily married. His hobbies include building furniture and fixing cars. He has a pet cat named Kiki and loves to cook risotto and steaks during his free time.


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