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A World Without Money

By Ian Sanz, Staff Writer

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If financial obligations ceased to be a concern in this world, people would be free to pursue their deepest desires? Ambitions would no longer be derailed or suppressed by the burdens of living in a world revolving around the dollar. From travelling to spending time with loved ones to taking the time to find one’s self, the hearts of Miami High’s students are home to a variety of dreams.

When asked what they would do with their time if money wasn’t an issue, students had different responses. Junior Anthony Ramirez said, “I’d travel around Asia. Japan’s architecture really attracts me.” He said he would also like to pursue his own artistic ambitions, with a strong interest in music production and fashion.

Feeling overwhelmed by her classes, junior volleyball player Michelle Sanchez would leave the country, disconnect from everything, and find herself.

Sherly Ortega, a junior and aspiring artist, would be free to draw all day. “I detest the idea of having to wake up early to drag yourself somewhere you don’t like only to be bossed around by people you like even less,” she said.

With these dreams at heart, students are still aware of the importance of money in this world. Senior Wisly Bernard said that debt kills art, and being able to support himself financially is vital to carrying out his musical pursuits. “Be cautious of money though,” he warns, “It’s too easy to become super egotistic and lose all your friends.”

“Ultimately, money is needed to support your dreams,” said sophomore Tais Polo, “or else you’ll be working a job you hate and never have time for what you love.” She believes that being too focused on your dream without a plan for money causes you to miss scholarships and other opportunities that could otherwise help you reach your goals.

Money and passion aren’t mutually exclusive. Many Stings believe it is possible to have both. Geometry teacher Mr. Strickland said, “Make a plan and stick to it. Luck is when preparation and opportunity meet.”


What would YOU do if you didn’t have to worry about money?

  • Record an album?
  • Race Lamborghinis in Tokyo?
  • Visit European museums?
  • Move to New York City? Rome?
  • Write a book?

If you’re good at what you do and you’re confident, said Anthony Ramirez, the money will come naturally. “The internet opens up marketing to everyone,” he said. “Get your name out there and prepare to be tested.”

So what would YOU do with your time if you didn’t have to worry about money? Whatever it may be, know that it is possible. Use this hypothetical to find what interests you, then make a plan to get it and stick to it with full force.

Henry Rollins, vocalist for the punk rock group Black Flag, said it this way, “That’s why you’re young, that’s why you can survive on no sleep, Top Ramen Noodles, and still look good. Take advantage of that great energy you have.”

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