Is College Worth It?


By Carolina Soto, Staff Writer

“Mom! Dad! I don’t want to go to college! There’s a world to see, and I would rather do my own thing.”

Growing up in today’s society, many students have been taught and pushed to believe that without college, there is no such thing as a future. However, not knowing who you are and being forced to start looking at colleges at such an early age can be very nerve-wracking and turn out to be a bad idea. Also, there have been cases in which people have gotten to college and graduated yet still haven’t found jobs.

With so many teachers on top of you with college and parental expectations thrown at you, you can feel very overwhelmed and stressed. “With all the pressure in high school, I sort of feel forced to enroll in college just because it is the most logical and successful thing to do, and if you don’t attend, people will assume that you are lazy, but that’s not true. Maybe you can’t afford college or simply it isn’t for you,” said sophomore Keilyn Delgado.

Freshman Kiara Delgado feels pressured to go to college because of society wrapping itself around the idea that if you don’t go to college, you won’t amount to anything. Sophomore Alejandro Laurencio feels like it’s forced upon us to go to college right after high school because it is expected for us to not rest and to only care about our academics.

With today’s technology, however, it is now easier to see how big the world is and how it can easily open doors for successful opportunities without college.

“College isn’t something you are supposed to rush into,” Nelson Lopez, sophomore.

Many people think you can be successful without college. “College is just to earn a degree and pushes you to more options that are available, but there are other opportunities out there to still be successful doing something you love,” said senior Daniel Santiago.

There are jobs out there that do not require you to go to college to be successful. Some people even have a greater advantage at getting a job without having to finish college. OJT teacher Mr. Perez said opening a business and working in fields where you only need to get certified, without a college degree, are ways to be successful without a college degree.

Sophomore Tomy Castillo adds that you can be successful without college is by turning your talents into a business as a Youtuber, model, singer, writer or artist.

Sophomore Daniela Gonzalez adds that college is not for everyone because some people weren’t built for it and would rather do their own thing.

Although there are students who do feel pressured, there are others who are completely aware that college is supposed to be a personal choice. “I don’t feel forced going into college right after high school because it’s my decision if I want to go or not,” said sophomore Sheila Moradel.

Sophomore Nelson Lopez said college isn’t something you are supposed to rush into. It’s something that helps you decide the rest of your future. It’s something you must ease yourself into no matter how much time is needed for you to accomplish that. Senior Christian Pedroso said college isn’t a waste of time but it all depends on what you are going to major in.

“It all comes down to the point whether you are meant to go to college, if college really is where you want to stand. College is a decision based on your own views on it. It certainly is not for everyone.”

Others believe that going to college after high school is the right choice. Sophomore Tayleen Nunez believes education and knowledge are keys to building a successful career. She said, “College is a great way of managing the balance between school and your career path. College is a time of building effort into a great career.”

It all comes down to the point whether you are meant to go to college. It certainly is not for everyone. It is all about the ambition you have within yourself about your future.

CAP Advisor Ms. Puentes she said some students are not ready for that traditional life after high school, yet she believes that the biggest mistake any student can make is not planning what they are going to do with their future after high school.