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Dr. Yoham and the Element of Surprise

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Dr. Yoham and the Element of Surprise

By Gerson Blandon, Staff Writer

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Walk into room 3304 and you’ll find one dramatic, sarcastic, smart and hilarious teacher who has a unique style of teaching to make students comfortable. He is the one and only Dr. Yoham.


His Quirky Style of Teaching

Dr. Yoham is one of the best teachers in the science department, and has been teaching for over 20 years at Miami High. The Honors Chemistry and AP Biology teacher at Miami Senior High, he is known for his funny, quirky style of teaching.

Over his career, Dr. Yoham has taught Earth Space Science, Physical Science, Honors and regular Biology, Honors and regular Chemistry, and AP Biology.

He decided to be a teacher because he felt that teaching was his calling. “I like teaching at Miami High, because I enjoy working with the faculty,” he said. He has not taught in any other school, and he plans on finishing his teaching career at Miami Senior High.


Science Honor Society

Besides teaching, Dr. Yoham also sponsors the Science Honor Society (SHS), a club for students interested in any type of science. “Kids arrive and discuss important science topics to the world, we do experiments, participate in homecoming, and services for the school,” he said. To join SHS, you need a 3.0 GPA and a passion for science.

The Science Honor Society, according to Dr. Yoham, benefits its members by helping them gain community and service hours. He also believes that it helps you get into college and allows you to meet other people that love science.


Life Before Teaching

Dr. Yoham graduated from Coral Park Senior High with the class of 1984. As a student, Dr. Yoham was very athletic and part of the wrestling team.

“As a little kid, I wanted to be a pilot or an astronaut, because I was fascinated with flying,” said Dr. Yoham. He didn’t learn how to fly, but he sure became a traveler.

Before working as a teacher, Dr. Yoham worked as a tour operator and would travel to Latin America and Europe to bring tourists from those countries to the U.S.A. He has traveled all over the world: Alaska, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and most of Western Europe (Hungary, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, England, etc.). He believes that each country has its own uniqueness and exquisiteness, so he cannot pick a favorite.

After high school, he earned his bachelor’s degree at Florida International University in Molecular Biology, as well as his master’s degree in Science Education. Later on, he pursued his doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.


Life Outside of School

Dr. Yoham’s life outside of school is not very different from the life that he has in school. “I am the president of the Florida Association of Science Teachers (FAST), and the executive director of the Dade County Science Teachers Association (DCSTA),” he said. As the president, it is his responsibility to ensure that their annual state science conference is an exciting and valuable experience for all science teachers in the state of Florida.

   Many students love Dr. Yoham’s style of teaching. Sophomore Alex Viera claimed that he enjoyed Yoham’s Biology class so much his freshman year that he just needed to take AP Biology again with the Doctor because he loved Dr. Yoham’s unique way of teaching.

“Yoham is a really chill person, and I like how his wackiness makes you forget that you’re in a AP Bio class. Work is super easy, and he’s a great teacher in general,” said junior Lauren Velez.

Biology was a difficult subject for me, but with Yoham, he made the class much easier and more fun. I actually looked forward going to his class freshman year,” said junior Dario Calderon.

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