Your Q & A for AP

Your Q & A for AP

By Victoria Vazquez, Staff Writer

For seniors at Miami Senior High School, college is right around the corner. When applying to college, students have several deadlines to meet, and many of them want to be outstanding candidates. One thing colleges take in consideration is how rigorous your classes are in high school. That’s why students take Advanced Placement (AP) courses to show their competence.

There are several benefits of taking AP classes at Miami Senior High. Thalia Hernandez, a junior that is currently taking AP Human Geography, said, “You learn to navigate the academic expectations you will encounter in college, and it also helps you qualify for scholarships.’’

AP coordinator Dr. Hueck said, “Even if you fail the class in high school, you will still have the knowledge and background information so that in college you are familiar with the information they are providing you with.’’

Oliver Bello, who took AP Spanish, said, “You really get to think outside the box which no other class has reached that level of complexity.”

It is extremely important that one passes the end of the year exam for AP courses. “Colleges will usually give credit for a 3 or higher, although most competitive colleges may only give credit for a 4 or higher,” said Dr. Hueck.

“If you pass the test, not only does it count as a college credit, but it also determines what you have grasped during the year,” said Paola Ocasio, a junior who took AP Spanish last school year.

There are many obstacles along the way while taking AP. Paola mentioned, “One of the challenges I encountered was the language. I had a tough time trying to fully comprehend the lessons, which is something you should consider if you want to take these classes.”

Oliver said, “Compared to a regular class, AP classes are more rigorous and focus on all aspects of the subject in a profound way.”

GPA is crucial when it comes to taking AP. One must really be academically prepared, said Dr. Hueck. “If you perform poorly in the class, it dramatically drops your overall GPA and is something you should consider if you think you are not able to handle the class, and teachers can remove you if that is the case.”

Which grade level is the best time to take AP classes? For Merlyn Ramirez, a junior, “There are more advantages in taking AP senior year because we would be closer to college, it will better prepare us, we would be mature and take these classes seriously.”

For Oliver, “They should be in at least 11th grade because now they are academically experienced and are equipped for the classes.”