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MHS as a Movie

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MHS as a Movie

By Adriana Gutierrez, Layout Editor

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In high school, there’s nothing like the drama, cliques, and crushes. It’s a unique time when you’ve moved on from the insecurities of middle school and are ready to take the spotlight of high school.

After watching numerous television shows and movies set in high school, we see details that remind us of our own school. For many kids, Sting life is a drama. Junior Andres Martinez relates to the movie 10 Things I Hate About You because of the girl drama which, according to him, Miami High always has lots of that.

“I would say the movie Class of 1984,” said freshman Maria Garcia. “Fights also happen in Miami High so it really shows how high school can be.”

For others, Miami High is like a comedy. “Clueless,” said Sophomore Jasmin Lopez, “because the character is focused on things like passing her driver’s test, raising her grades, and finding love, and here at Miami High those are things students worry about.“

Another movie would be The Spectacular Now because even though the character is the cool kid at his high school, he is just like any other senior when it comes to sorting out the present and figuring out the future, said junior Enrique Cruz.

The show “Freaks & Geeks” would fit MHS because it doesn’t show that high school is perfect: it’s realistic,” said junior Claudia Ferrer. “The thing that reminds me about Miami High is that there’s always that one kid that hangs out in the hallways and gets late to class.”

For others, Miami High is a mix of comedy and drama as seen in others popular movies and shows. “I love high school movies, seeing other people that know what I’m going through, and I think the best match to compare Miami High with is the movie Dazed and Confused, because kids are doing high school things. Nothing exceptional happens in the movie, but at the same time, everything happens. There’s football, hazing, driving around, partying, goodnight kisses, and getting grounded,” said senior Arianna Gutierrez. “I would change the name to A Confused Sting.”

Junior Alejandro Gomez sees the movie Bring It On similar to Miami High because of the school spirit. “The new name would be something like What the High Brings,” he said.

Sophomore Valentina Castillo said, “’The Secret Life of an American Teenager’ reminded me of MHS because the stories of each character are stories that can happen here. For example, in the show, one of the main characters is a teen mom and that’s something that we can see here.”


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