Winter Show 2017


By John Clement, Editor-in-Chief

On December 22, Miami High held its annual Winter Show in the theater during the first two blocks of the day. Each of the  two showings featured performances from the new Blue & Gold dance team, cheerleaders, chorus, color guard, and drama students.

Thespians club advisor and drama teacher Ms. Cote coordinated the event and was ultimately satisfied with how it turned out. “All the kids did a very good job. What matters even more is that everyone had fun and tried their hardest,” she said. “The best part about it all is how everyone came together to put on such a big show. Next year what I would improve is to start rehearsing earlier since this year we only rehearsed for 3 weeks. Even under such short time, though, I believe we did a good job.”

She would like to thank to the administration for being supportive and allowing them to make this production for the school; the students for doing such a good job; the photographers, Dr. Underwood, and the TV production staff for taking great photos of the event; Ms. Cid and her chorus students for their great performance; and finally, all the teachers and administrators who helped make this show possible.