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The Knowledge of Careers Club

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The Knowledge of Careers Club

The K.O.C Ambassadors working on their community service projects.

The K.O.C Ambassadors working on their community service projects.

The K.O.C Ambassadors working on their community service projects.

The K.O.C Ambassadors working on their community service projects.

By Lilith Berrios, Staff Writer

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Do you know what kinds of careers are out there for you? Have you ever wanted to know how you could become the editor for The New York Times or make your own program to help people in need? Then come to Knowledge of Careers (K.O.C.) every Wednesday in room 1116, one of Miami High’s newest clubs! Knowledge of Careers is a non-profit organization that teams up with different schools to help students learn about careers from different professionals.

Currently, 40 students from Booker T. Washington and Miami Senior High are participating in K.O.C. According to Andrew Tripodo, one of the K.O.C. leaders, K.O.C. has worked with over 200 students in the past at other schools. The freshmen tend to be the ones that initially gain the “knowledge of careers.”

There are many reasons members have joined, and not just for the free food at the end of every meeting. Sophomore Angie Cruz from Miami High wanted to meet career professionals and learn everything they did to get where they are.

Both the advisors and club members think that what they’re doing is important. Andrew Tripodo thinks that giving the students the skills they need to succeed in their careers is the most important part of the club. Personally, I love the idea of being able to make a change before I even have a job.

If you stay in the program for a year and continue to the next, you’ll be able to join the K.O.C.  Ambassadors. They still learn about different careers, but the learning is intertwined with the community projects they’re working on.  The Miami High-Booker T. K.O.C. currently has 10 Ambassadors who get paid $75 for their work inside the club.

Junior Chris Taylor, an aspiring artist from Booker T. Washington and currently a second-year Ambassador, likes K.O.C. because of how it’s helping him. “It’s helping me grow as a business person, like writing emails or knowing how to present myself in a professional setting,” he said.

If you’re giving to K.O.C., what does it give back to you? The advantages can be for both the advisors and club members. There’s the usual professional exposure, which is gaining the knowledge of what you can do after high school. Other advantages include learning skills like writing and speaking well professionally. These will give you a leg up in college and careers. Lastly, K.O.C. helps you connect with adult mentors that can help guide you in deciding your career and also helps you get lots of internships and jobs if you want them.

Members enjoy the variety of activities. So far, a software engineer, the director of an art museum, and an editor from The New York Times have come to share about their jobs.  Sophomore Adrian Garcia from Booker T. enjoys planning out the work for his project and working with his group. Angie Cruz loves having the group discussions and helping with each other’s projects because it helps provide new perspectives she hadn’t considered before.

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Lilith Berrios, Staff Writer

Sophomore in Journalism 1

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