Let Kindness Spread!

This is the GOGO logo with their official website!

This is the GOGO logo with their official website!

By Jasmine Bermudez, Staff Writer

I, Jasmine Bermudez, am attempting to start my own club to improve our learning environment. Recently, I applied for the nationwide KIND Schools Challenge, which encourages students to propose ways to increase school kindness, such as representing equality, differences, and respect. I applied, knowing that I’m connected to many other organizations that can develop this idea.

Finalists were recently chosen. Sadly, I didn’t make it, but I will still proceed with my idea, but not as a club. By associating myself with other communities, organizations, and plans, I can expand my potential and spread the kindness throughout MHS and beyond.


Chad Bernstein, solo artist and CEO of GOGO

GOGO, Guitars Over Guns Organization, is a phenomenal program that helps many students flourish with their inner potential and prevent domestic violence through the power of music. GOGO was created by a man named Chad Bernstein and has reached out to several middle schools in Miami and Chicago. At my middle school, Citrus Grove (CGMS), during my 7th grade year, GOGO had a performance in the auditorium. Though I was shy, I got motivated and inspired by all the members on stage.

Once I signed up, they provided a small group session to introduce themselves, the instruments, and their plans for us students. Becoming a professional vocalist was my main objective. Kim Cameron, who works for GOGO at CGMS, was my mentor who taught me singing techniques and told stories of the places she performed at.

Kim Cameron, solo artist and vocalist mentor of GOGO at CGMS (Citrus Grove Middle School) with Wendy M. Benavidez (left) and I (Jasmine Bermudez) (right)

After participating in GOGO for two years, I became an alumnus for GOGO, meaning that I am considered a mentor, helping others students achieve their goals for singing. Now in my 3rd year with this program, I can say that GOGO is like a massive family, always being helpful, supportive, and wise. I wanted to associate GOGO with the Kind Schools Challenge, because both have their own visions for improving society.

Silver Knights

My original plan was to form a club that involved music to make our world kinder. Ms. Rivero, the activities advisor, however, disagreed with my club proposal. Ms. Rivero loves my enthusiasm to improve society, but she believes that starting a new club is not a stable arrangement. She said, “A new club should reach farther and be a long-term plan.”

She recommended launching my idea in a different format. So, I revised my plan and decided to continue this as a Silver Knight project. Silver Knights bills itself as a program that “recognizes outstanding students who have not only maintained good grades, but have also unselfishly applied their special knowledge and talents to contribute significant service to their schools and communities.”

Club Information

Ms. Rivero did provide a few tips on how to start a new club at Miami High. First, you need 15 to 20 members that are interested and trustworthy to complete your club’s objective, which is the reason why you are starting the club in the first place. You must also fill out an application and turn it in to Ms. Rivero. She also recommends that your club has stable funding and a reliable advisor.


So far, my objective to start a project involving music to make our world kinder has several supporters. Kim Cameron, vocalist of GOGO, said, “If people took the time to listen and respect one another, there would be compassion and fewer fights.”

Miami High music teacher Ms. Cid is also supportive of my project. Wendy Benavidez, a freshman and a former member of GOGO at Citrus Grove, stated that this idea of enhancing the community will flourish. “GOGO has changed my life and MHS is a phenomenal school,” she said. “Combining the two of them makes me happy.”

I am still just a little freshman, but I have big plans. With some time, motivation, support, and hard work, my ideas will spread kindness throughout the environment. The KIND Schools Challenge, GOGO, Silver Knights, and the opinions of others will motivate me to make my own change.