A Past Sting Makes It Big

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A Past Sting Makes It Big

Mr. Wilfredo Gort, City of Miami Commissioner for District 1, at City Hall

Mr. Wilfredo Gort, City of Miami Commissioner for District 1, at City Hall

Mr. Wilfredo Gort, City of Miami Commissioner for District 1, at City Hall

Mr. Wilfredo Gort, City of Miami Commissioner for District 1, at City Hall

By Rachel Salmeron, Business Manager

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Many Miami High Alumni that have become successful in business, medicine, entertainment, and more. Mr. Wilfredo Gort has always been an excellent community service volunteer in his community and became a City of Miami Commissioner for District 1 which includes neighborhood such as Flagami, Allapattah, Brickell City, and Little Havana.


Career Life

Mr. Gort got elected and served as a City of Miami Commissioner from 1993 to 2001 In 2010, he was reelected as a City of Miami Commissioner and will serve until his term expires in 2019.

Before becoming the commissioner, Mr. Gort was a photographer and photography teacher at MHS for ten years.

He said he never imagined that he would become a public official because he was mostly focused on volunteering in his community. He volunteered in agencies that offer services to the elderly such as the Latin Chamber of Commerce (CAMACOL), Little Havana Nutrition and Activity Center, and Youth Co-Op.

This experience motivates Mr. Gort to do his job, which is to properly create laws that positively impact the community, maintain a budget as, well as keep Miami clean.

According to Mr. Gort, to become a City of Miami Commissioner one must be a resident for at least one year in their district, must have at least a bachelor’s degree, and “get involved in the community to understand the needs.” In 2019 though Mr. Gort’s time as a Commissioner will expire, he will not retire from doing community service as he plans to stay active on a variety of boards that contribute to communities.



Mr. Gort graduated from MHS with the class of ’60. He was a part of the football team and Thespians. He decided to attend Miami High because most of his friends were Stingarees and he always enjoyed the atmosphere, staff, and activities that Miami High offered.

After high school Mr. Gort worked as a photographer in his father’s company, Gort Studios. He returned to school at age 35, attended Miami Dade College and Florida International University and earning a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Even though, he was able to earn his degree it was difficult for him because it wasn’t easy juggling a family, job, and school simultaneously. He advises students to go to college while your parents continue to aid you.


Personal Life

Wilfredo Gort is seventy-seven years old and was born in Havana, Cuba. He is married and has four daughters as well as granddaughters. His hobbies consist of photography and working out daily. He is an animal lover that has an American Bulldog and a kitten.


City of Miami Commsissioner Willie Gort

  • Graduated with the Miami High Class of ‘60
  • Was an All-State Guard on the Sting football team
  • Used to be a photography teacher at Miami High
  • Has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration
  • Was reelected in 2010 as City of Miami Commissioner


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