Into the Unknown


By Lilith Berrios, Staff Writer

Many people are aware of the mysteries of life. Whether it be strange occurrences or incredible sightings, we are surrounded by extraordinary things. Narrowed down, these tend to be cryptids, myths, and conspiracies.



Cryptids are creatures whose existence has yet to be proved or disproved. According to the article “10 Most Famous Cryptids” posted on the website for Smashing Lists, some popular cryptids are Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, and the Loch Ness monster.


Myths and Origins

Myths can differ from cryptids. In an article by The Guardian, “Top 10 Urban Legends”, some popular myths are Bloody Mary and Slenderman. Bloody Mary itself has an unclear origin, but the website HowStuffWorks attempts to clear it up for people to understand. In the article “Where did the legend of Bloody Mary come from?”, they describe the ritual to summon Bloody Mary and present options on who she could be, including Mary Tudor or Mary I of England, who was known for killing Protestants and earned the nickname “Bloody Mary”.

The Slenderman originated on a thread in the Something Awful Internet forum on June 10, 2009, during a Photoshop contest, where Eric Knudsen (under Victor Surge) posted two photographs with captions that would help to grow the Slenderman legend.


Popular Conspiracy Theories

Finally, conspiracy theories are ideas people may have about certain events or people that may or may not be true. Sophomore Sofia Solis believes in the FBI spying conspiracy, which is both a meme and a conspiracy theory that has a murky origin. It is thought to have been made popular by multiple posts saying, “The FBI is spying on me”.

There are other popular conspiracy theories circulating all the time. Sophomore Katherine Quezada states, “Some of the most popular ones I’ve heard of are that aliens exist, Bush did 9/11, and that Avril Lavigne is a clone.” “Bush did 9/11” is a famous theory that states that President George W. Bush had a hand in the destruction of the Twin Towers (with most people thinking it was an excuse to instigate a war against Iraq). According to a Snopes Fact Check on the Avril Lavigne theory, it originated when a Brazilian blogger decided to state that she had been replaced with a clone to show how misinformation can spread, even though people claim there’s proof that the theory is true.

Freshman Nathalie Saladrigas thinks people should notice the similarities between Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln and the theory that Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered by the government.


Paranormal Encounters

Many people have even said that they have had experience with the weird and paranormal. Mostly they claim they’ve taken photos or come face to face with strange things. Senior Jose Sanchez said, “When I went to Honduras a few years ago, I stayed at a ranch that was near a stream and from afar, I saw a lady washing clothes with long hair: La Llorona.”

Principal Benny Valdes says he one time saw strange lights out in the middle of the ocean while he was fishing.

Sophomore Carlos Cordova said he likes to believe in the existence of aliens, maybe the biggest and most popular conspiracy known and an idea that has been around for centuries.


Other Theories and Impact

Not all the paranormal is popular. There are some myths and conspiracy theories known to few. Maybe you’ve heard of some that you wish you could discuss with others.  Principal Valdes thinks it keeps things interesting and can take people away from their stressful lives at times.

Sophomore Katherine Quezada said, “It brings more information and opens people’s eyes, so maybe it can also help advance our common intelligence and technology.”