Class of 2018 Reunited One Last Time At Prom


Left to right: Daniela Same with her date Pedro Garcia. Darlyn Bracero with her date Lisvan Bartolome, and Dayami Mas with her date Arturo.

By Darlyn Bracero, Staff Writer

When it comes to prom, some people say, “Why should we spend an insane amount of money on a dress, a suit, makeup, or hair for just one day?” Others say it is not worth paying $65 plus all the other expenses. However, for the 500 students who bought tickets to Miami High’s Prom on May 12 at Jungle Island, it was an amazing experience that students get to live together just one time in their entire life. Talking from a girl’s point of view, it was totally worth it to me because for one night we get to feel like we are princesses, the center of attention, stunning in a beautiful dress.

Prom night was an absolute success. Everyone was having fun. I don’t remember seeing people sitting down. Everybody was happy dancing, taking pictures, talking with friends and making memories.

For me, it was a wonderful experience because I tried to live the moment and make the most of the time that it was left. I was happy to be in a place with people that saw each other grow, that supported each other through these wonderful but stressful years of high school.

“2k18 prom was amazing, I had a great time and enjoyed it more than the 2k17 prom,” said guest Pedro Garcia, a Miami High grad of 2017. “The food was great. The music was a little outdated, but it didn’t matter because my date would dance to anything. Overall, I had a fantastic time and it made a lasting beautiful memory.”

Senior Dayami Mas, who did not like the theme Under the Sea that much, still had a wonderful night. “I spent it with my boyfriend and friends and I was kind of sad because high school is almost over. However, I enjoyed being there. We all laughed and danced all night,” she said.

“Prom was a memorable experience that most of us wanted to experience since freshman year,” said senior Daniela Same. “It was an amazing night, and I took countless pictures with my friends and date. Prom night was what I would describe as a perfect night.”

Guest Lisvan Bartolome said, “Even though it wasn’t my prom, I felt special alongside my girlfriend. I wanted her to feel like a princess and enjoy her night. The place was really nice, and it had a lot of good places where we could take pictures of ourselves. The music was excellent, the food wasn’t much of my taste, but I spent a wonderful night next to a beautiful girl.”