Ms. Waters: The Final Chapter


Retiring Social Studies teacher Ms. Water's advice to new teachers is to teach with passion and teach because you want to teach.

By Christopher Bellina, Staff Writer

Ms. Waters, one of the longest lasting staff members at Miami Senior High who has been here for 30 years, is retiring this year. She does not regret anything about her career. She enjoyed every minute of being a teacher. Her message to new teachers is to teach with passion and teach because you want to teach.

To Ms. Waters the best teaching moment is when your see the face of your students, and they understand what you are saying. One of her proudest moments was when she asked the class to say who inspired them, and one student said that she inspired him and “it was beautiful.” The worst moment is when no one is paying attention to you and doesn’t care what you have to say.

Ms. Waters started teaching in 1979 in Orlando, then in 1982 she started teaching at Miami Senior High for 13 years until 1995 when she moved to Colorado, where she was an assistant principal in Denver Public Schools. Then she returned once again to Miami High for her second go around in 2003 and has been teaching here since then.

Ms. Waters teaches Government, Economics, as well as Psychology. Ms. Waters has also taught many of our school’s current faculty including our principal Mr. Valdes and was student Government advisor to world history teacher Mr. Tornillo.

Her experience has been amazing. This job has gotten her through the bad times and has given her good times. As stated by Ms. Waters this is a job where you do not always see your own successes or failures, but you hope they have acquired success in their lives.

Ms. Waters was born in Oriente, Cuba,to a working-class family. She attended a catholic high school in New York City graduated with the class of 1971. She graduated in 1975 from the City University of New York. Then she acquired her teaching certification in Florida and Colorado and got her masters in administrative leadership from the University of Phoenix in 1999.

The 2017-2018 will be  the last school year that Ms. Waters, will teacher at Miami High. She is set to move to Costa Rica as she told her classes and i am one of them. She said her son, his wife and a lot of friends have moved there.