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Freshies Walk the Halls

By Priscila Rivas

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Do you remember your first day of school in Miami Senior High? Some may say their impressions were positive while others may say they’re negative. This year we asked a few questions to The Class Of 2022 about how they are adapting to Miami Senior High!



Many freshmen had a positive first impression of Miami High. Freshman Josselyn Garcia said, “I enjoy the independence and the responsibility students have for themselves.” Isaac Jarquin, also a freshman, mentioned, “I admired how enormous the school is and how easy it is to make friends.”

Some students, however, had a negative first impression. Freshman Karel Pascual claimed there’s too much homework and described his first pep rally as “ Trash.”

Ms.Enrique English Teacher with freshmen Grabiela Gutierrez, Kevin Hernandez and Stephany Jimenez.


On the other hand, some freshmen enjoyed that first pep rally. Ninth grader Loni Jonos stated,  “It was so much fun, but I had nowhere to sit. Ya’ll have to expand the gym!” Enis Guillen said, “I had fun. I liked getting boo-ed at.”



Many freshmen in Miami High want to get involved in activities. Class of 2022 Senator Pablo Rascon mentioned, “I want to be involved in different clubs, activities and get the real high school experience!”  Nicole Ramos wants to be part of Beta and join Colorguard to gain Sting pride “just like my parents who are alumni.” Freshman Dallet Argueta  mentioned, “I want to join the soccer team and be part of Freshmen Board.”



Freshmen Board Advisor Ms. Enrique claims that her ninth graders will surprise us this year. She said, “I think they want to get involved more this year, because I already have 20 applications and the theme for Class of 2022 is Thumbelina.”




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  1. Nicole Ramos on October 22nd, 2018 1:44 pm

    Very good article would love to see more of this.

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