Is Music Helpful or a Nuisance

By Rickey Paredes

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Music is made to relax, to inspire, and to have fun. Most students at Miami High use music to relieve stress from work and tests. Music to most students is a way to loosen up to from all the work teachers put on them.



Many students believe that listening to music at school relieves stress. Junior Jesse Gonzalez said, “Music gets my mind off things.” Junior Johnny Dinero said, “Music makes everything less stressful in general. Just adding a beat to things for me feels a bit more fun.” Junior Jeremyah Thompson said, “Music gets my mind to start working early in the morning. It’s my boost instead of coffee.”

On the other hand, some students see music as a disturbance during class. Junior Christophe Zeledon said, “Music is a huge distraction to me. I can’t concentrate on the classwork.” Some people need music to get their thoughts moving.



Depending on which genre interests you the most, it’ll have the biggest impact on you. Sophomore Jasmine Apolonio said, “Pop gives me more of a vibe to relax to than anything else.”

According to junior Julio Rosales, “Hip-Hop has so many messages to receive and to acknowledge. It varies all around, to where I relate to some, knowing someone goes through the same thing I do.”



Listening to music is one thing.  However, making your own music is something else. Junior Carlos Oviedo, who makes his own raps, said, “Music helps me to release emotions. Whether I’m happy or if I’m hurting, it’s an outlet for me.”



With so much interest in listening to music, would it make sense for Miami High to have music production or music recording classes? Having classes like these will help students decide if music is something they would want to pursue.

Junior Johnny Dinero said, “I would love to be able to expand my ability and become more versatile with music.” Junior Daniel Sanchez said, “We should have a class for recording as I personally do not have the equipment required.”

On the other hand, junior Brandon Garay said, “Music is something that resonates a lot with me, but I wouldn’t take the class.”

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