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By Liosdan Gonzalez, 11th Grade

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We met each other recently,

Never thought that we would meet.

We clicked so quick,

You are the best fit.


Maybe it ain’t all that,

Maybe this’ll make me sad.

But you left such an impact,

How could I even be mad?


This could get serious, who knows?

Right now, we’re going with the flow

I have you on my screen,

I hope you become my queen.


I hope something sparks,

I hope something starts.

I never felt like this before

Maybe my stories of heartbreak are no more.


It feels very mutual,

To me it’s a feeling unusual.

But it’s a feeling that I enjoy,

I’m finally not annoyed.


In the end, anything can happen,

I hope this doesn’t leave me saddened.

Can heartbreak happen? Definitely.

But in the end, you already mean a lot to me.

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