The Medic Lifestyle

By Ashley Martinez, Staff Writer

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You’ve probably seen them in the hallway in medical scrubs with stethoscopes around their neck. They’re students in Miami High’s medical program.

A healthy life is a happy life, and it is this fact that motivates students looking to help out others to enter the medical field.

“It’s a program that prepares you for the medical field, and that to me is a gift,” said junior Camila Arrate. “I love the program so much that I’d take 8 classes if I could.”

Some benefits to being in the program include being certified in medical assistance, scholarship opportunities, and job opportunities, according to health science teacher and HOSA club sponsor Ms. Turner.

All four levels of health science can get you honors points, certifications, and clinical experience. The last level prepares students to go onto a clinical internship.

Senior Alison Rivera, who’s taking all four levels at once, stated, “The best part is having the best teacher, Ms. Turner. Without her as my teacher and mentor, the program probably wouldn’t be as successful. I know she is preparing me to be the best.”

The Experience

To several students, Ms. Turner has made a positive impact in the medical program. “HOSA and the medical program mean a lot to me. Both represent hope and provide opportunities to students interested in medicine,” said Alison Rivera. She also added that the hardest part of it all, is the workload. Even if it can be intense sometimes, she knows she can handle it.

Sophomore Rosario Barraza stated that, “The hardest part of being in the program is different for everyone. I’ve had friend who have trouble with memorizing and public speaking. But if you have the determination and motivation to continue the program, I’m sure any obstacle will only make you into a better student and medical assistant!”

On the other hand, some students find it challenging. Camila Arrate stated that “I don’t find it hard, if not the word I would choose is challenging. Being part of three health science classes has been the best thing for me in regards to the countless interesting topics to learn from all in one year.”

Some students enjoy how the program and classes runs. For example, Junior Caylin Soriano said that she enjoys the way Ms. Turner teaches and how much it motivates her to go further in her future medical career. Sophomore Rosario Barraza stated that she has gained in depth medical perspectives about everything. “Not only that, but it has also helped me a lot with public speaking,” she added.

Why take health science classes if you’re interested in the medical field?

If you’re taking health science classes, you’re automatically in HOSA. The health science program along with HOSA gives students the experience and skills they need to work in the medical field, according to Mrs. Turner. “HOSA is a club for healthcare providers that want to learn more about careers and compete. It stands for Health Occupations Students of America,” she added.

Camila Arrate stated that HOSA has great opportunities for advancement in the health science community. Rosario Barraza, added that “Students who are interested in the medical field should take health science classes because of the free eye-opening experience it provides them.”

Sophomore Melany Goycochea thinks students at Miami High who don’t know what to study after high school, should give health science a chance. “I strongly believe that with Ms. Turners’ amazing teaching skills, and the class environment, certifications, etc. students can benefit from it later on.”

Does working in health give you wealth?

As popularized by TV shows and movies, doctors, surgeons, and other medical care workers tend to make a lot of money, but is this true?

In a recent analysis done by the talk of real world medicine, SERMO, stated that 68 percent of doctors said the perception of doctors as wealthy is not accurate.  

According to recent statistics by the American Medical Student Association, they estimated that over 86% of graduates in the field of medicine carry a huge sum of educational debt. Although the salary for medical workers is beneficial it can have its effects.

Do medical television shows accurately display what life is for a medical professional?

Medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy or The Good Doctor tends to win over people’s hearts with each episode release. The fanfics all love their TV doctors. But how accurate are these medical dramas? In medical dramas, they sometimes fail to portray a valid medical accuracy due to entertainment value.

In spite of the fact that on TV doctors treat more traumatic and critical cases than real doctors do, according to, it can also play a role in helping medical students.

Health students at Miami High find it beneficial as well. Rosario Barraza says that “Medical shows that have impacted my life and friends too will not only be the OG Greys Anatomy, but also The Good Doctor which portrays someone with an autism disorder fighting to be the best doctor he can be. It is very motivating.”

The lifestyle

The medic lifestyle is desired by people who are willing to put their all into it. There are futures and current doctors, nurses, etc. representing Miami High. They all take a positive role in today’s world.

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