Times That Change Your Life


“The birth of my daughter... humbled me and made me more responsible.”

By Christopher Perez, Staff Writer

From childbirth to the death of a family member, from changes in government to leaving your country,

significant events can vary from person to person. Here are some significant events that have changed the lives of people at Miami High.

Most events that we remember in our lives are milestones or turning points. For Junior Edwin Arbon, it was the day he got his car.  “It made my life simpler and easier to do things,” he said. Getting a car also made him feel closer to his family because they helped him get his car.

Significant events in people’s lives can be as different as people are themselves. 11th grade English teacher Ms. Guerra’s most important event was the 2016 presidential election. For 10th grade geometry teacher Mr. Strickland, it was, “The birth of my daughter because it humbled me and made me more responsible.” For sophomore Anthony Lara, it was moving to America from the Bahia Islands in Honduras.

These events impacted their lives in different ways.  Senior Lourdes Belcombe, when she moved from Haiti to America, had to learn new customs and adjust to doing things different. Getting a job at a drama theater was a very important milestone for senior Rafael Pineda because, “It gave me an income and I made friends.”

Some people have more than one significant event that happened in their lifetime. For example, math teacher Mr. Aguilar said both getting married and having children were important because it made him appreciate life and see it from a different lens.  “It made me less selfish and led me to a life of service to my family,” he said.


Significant Event Impact
Having a daughter It made me more responsible.
Moving to America from Haiti Adapt to new customs and doing new things.
Getting married & having children It led to a life of service to my family.
2016 presidential election It made you question your beliefs and the beliefs of those around you.
Getting my first car  It made things more simple and easy.