Cheating Partners

By Juliana Jaramillo

I wonder why people do the things they do, specifically, cheating. Do Miami High students engage in it?

“I regret it. Seeing him hurt hurt me,” said Jennifer Alonzo, a senior, who cheated on her boyfriend while they were going through a tough patch. The relationship finished in 2017.

I approached a group of guys to see their thoughts on the subject. They laughed as I asked, “Have you ever cheated on your partner?” I was confused by the reaction. Then a tall, lanky guy sporting a soccer jersey raised his voice and said, “I personally haven’t, but I have vouched for some of my homies. Lying to their girl that they were with me, when in reality…” A chuckle followed. They all made eye contact and left, but not before asking to stay anonymous.

What do you do when you have a hunch that your partner is cheating, or worse, just found out that they were? As one senior female, who wished to remain anonymous, put it, “Don’t look for answers you’re not ready for. Ignorance can be bliss when it comes to romantic relationships.”

Her junior friend agreed saying, “If you aren’t ready to take action, then don’t face your partner about infidelity.”

In contrast, Ashley Nuñez, a junior, explained that everyone makes mistakes, but what’s important is that it’s addressed and learned from.

Many males, however, react more forcefully in the face of infidelity. Jonathan Silva, a new sophomore in Miami High, said, “I have been cheated on, and as soon as I found out, I confronted my ex. I had so much rage I wouldn’t have been able to wait.”

Gabriel Chavarria, a senior, said, “Cheating has no explanation attached to it. I won’t confront a cheating partner; I’ll just cut them off.”

It is hard to find it in your heart to forgive someone who has turned around and disrespected your relationship by cheating. Those who do end up going forward in their relationship after they’ve learned of infidelity can end up on one of two sides of the spectrum. They either regret the decision or grow from the experience.

Jose Lora De Los Santos, a junior, said, “I stayed with my last girlfriend after finding out that she cheated. It went downhill after that; I couldn’t trust her.”

The “Distracted Boyfriend” meme. Source : Antonia Guillem/ Shurtterstock

Many people shared the same opinion as Jose. “It just isn’t the same,” explained Yaneilys Ayuso. “The thought of them cheating again pokes at you no matter how much you try to push it away.”

“Trust is one of the pillars of a relationship; if you knock it down, the relationship falls with it,” said Julio Briones, a senior, emphasizing how there are many factors to a healthy relationship.

On the other hand, Emily Bermudez, a freshman, said, “My boyfriend betrayed me; he lied about who he was with and ended up doing stuff he regrets. After talking about it, our relationship has been nothing but healthy.”

Is there anything else that you gain from getting cheated on other than an aching heart? Surprisingly, yes. Two female students both voiced the same idea: cheating makes your standards for your next boyfriend or girlfriend a lot tougher. “I’m more meticulous about picking and choosing who comes into my life, but most importantly my heart,” said Samantha Garcia, a junior.

Ciara Silva said that the experience of being cheated on really matured her. “Most people think it’s their fault when their significant other cheats on them. I can’t lie; I was in those shoes. But as time progresses, you come to understand that those who can hurt you without hesitation aren’t worthy of you. To get through the feeling of sadness that was gobbling me up, I self-reflected on my values and who I am.”