What’s Your Sign?

By Mayisha Perez, Staff Writer

Has anyone ever asked you when is your birthday and then told you one of the 12 zodiac signs that you might be? Maybe you were a Virgo, Leo, or Scorpio. What does this all even mean?

The zodiac wheel represents what symbol and character  you are.
Source: https://10poundtees.co.uk/zodiac-wheel

According to the website Cafe Astrology, which appeals to people with a casual interest in astrology, astrology is the study of the correlation between the positions of the planets and events on earth. The people who study this for a living are called astrologers, and they believe that the position in which the Sun, Moon, and planets were at the time of a person’s birth will influence the individual’s life and character.


How do you find out what zodiac sign you are?

Finding out your zodiac sign is very simple. The day that you were born will determine what zodiac sign you are. For example, I was born on December 11, and people like me born between November 22nd to December 22nd are Sagittarius.


What about your sign?

Many students at Miami High know their zodiac sign. Senior Stefany Jauma, an Aries, said, “They say we’re independent and leaders. I totally believe in astrology and all the characteristics that follow with my sign.”

Senior Briana Arroliga says a Virgo, like her, is always “dedicated and helpful to others.” Some characteristics that Briana believes about her sign are that Virgo’s are “hard working and analytical.”

Junior Melissa Magalhaes, who is a Libra, said, “We are known for being really friendly.” Melissa also believes all characteristics of a Libra match to herself.


When did you find out your zodiac sign?

Students at MHS learned about their zodiac sign many different ways. Junior Cynthia Meza, who is a Gemini, said, “I was in elementary with a group of friends. We were on the internet, and we stumbled across a website that included all the different zodiac signs.”

Senior Amanda Echevarria discovered that her sign was Capricorn as a little kid when her older cousins were talking about theirs.


Do you read your daily horoscope?

Reading your horoscope means forecasting future events before they occur. There are many free and safe websites such as horoscope.com and thecircle.com that give access to anyone’s horoscope. Senior Charlees Mejia, an Aquarius, says that he has read many bad things about his zodiac sign. “I read that I was going to come across a difficult situation from an unexpected place. Sure enough, I did go through a difficult situation, somewhere very unfamiliar to me. It was not till later that I noticed that how it connected to my horoscope.”

Senior Valentina Figuera, a Scorpio, reads her horoscope very often. “The last time I read my horoscope, it told me that I will come across a really bad day that relates to my social life. It may seem crazy, but I use it as a source of motivation.”


Why don’t you believe in astrology?

On the other hand, there are some Miami High students who do not believe in astrology.  To senior Ian Sanz, who is a Scorpio, astrology is “so unscientific.” Similarly, junior Ernesto Bello says, “I don’t believe in anything outside reality or what is not able to be proven to me.”

Senior Gabriella Pontides acknowledges that she is a Taurus, but states, “I think most of the things don’t apply to me. I enjoy reading it, but I don’t think it is accurate.”

Senior Brandon Barrionuevo says, “If I don’t believe that god created my fate, why would I believe that the alignment of the stars, moon, sun or whatever, determine every aspect of my life?”

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