Senior Week 2019: You’ve been good to us

By Amanda Echevarria, News Editor

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Senior Class Officers enjoyed the fruits of their labor at the Senior Breakfast.

While graduation is months away, the Class of 2019’s most recent milestone was Senior Week. As Baby Stings, they watched in awe as other seniors dressed up to attend Senior Week events. Now, as seniors they walk with pride and confidence to attend their very own events.

Seniors made sure to take pictures in the scenic 94th Aero-squadron garden after breakfast.

Senior Week is a series of daily events that are only for seniors. It is almost like an elite version of Homecoming Week. Senior Week began with Senior Breakfast at the 94th Aero-squadron Restaurant on Monday, January 28th where the Senior Superlatives were announced, followed by Movie Night on Tuesday the 29th, Karaoke Night on Wednesday the 30th, Senior Picnic at Tropical Park on Thursday the 31st, and concluding with Glow Fest on Friday the 1st.


With nearly 180 students attending breakfast, a little over 200 at the picnic, nearly 100 students at Movie Night and about 120 attending Glow Fest, Senior Week was a great success. Due to fundraising over the past four years, the cost of some events was reduced: breakfast $35, picnic $10, and Glow Fest $2. All other senior events were free of charge and open to all seniors.


Seniors Keylin Cortez, Genesis Cruz, Katherine Zuniga, and Jeraldine Ruiz made their own fun at the Senior Picnic.

Senior week not only gave students a chance to get out of class, it also gave them memories that will last a lifetime. Senior Kirk Espinoza’s favorite event was the picnic because “we all got together to enjoy our time and eat together like a family.”  Senior Emily Mendez really enjoyed the breakfast. “I loved dancing and having fun with my friends, the food was a plus,” she said.

Senior Cyan James attended almost all Senior events because her friends were also attending. Looking back, she said “I’m glad I attended because I loved having fun at all the senior events, it was a chance for me to have fun with my friends and embrace being a senior”

While students are charged the least possible amount for senior activities, the price of some senior events was still too much. “I have other expenses, and I would rather save up to pay for another senior event,” said senior Fabrizzio Aragon, who only attended the senior picnic. Senior Andrea Maltes, who did not attend any senior events, said, “If I had the money, I would have attended.”

Senior Week was a labor of love put on by the Senior Class officers and their advisor Ms. Rivero. Class Treasurer William Ramos said, “At times it was stressful because we all had to juggle making Senior Week happen along with our school work and other things.” Senior Class Secretary Briana Arroliga said that she wouldn’t change a thing about Senior Week.

Activities Director Ms. Rivero, who has attended many Senior Weeks, said, “This Senior Week was one of the most successful ones we’ve ever had.”

Others, however, believed that some events could be improved. Senior Joshua Cardona said that the picnic could be improved by adding more activities other than dodgeball and football. Kirk Espinoza would have preferred better music at the Glow Fest.

Activities Director Ms. Rivero, who has attended many Senior Weeks, said, “This Senior Week was one of the most successful ones we’ve ever had.”