Food Trucks Visit Miami High

By Juliana Jaramillo

On March 5th, Miami High students got the opportunity to experience a more laid-back lunch, giving us carnival vibes. A big blue Miami Dade Department of Food and Nutrition food truck, which can feed up to 900 kids, was stationed next to Building 2 in the student parking lot for both first and second lunch and.

Students with free or reduced lunch only had to show their ID in order to get something from the curated menu featuring a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings or a fajita bowl with rice, corn, and black beans. Assorted fruits and salads were offered as sides. All the lunches came with a pack of small cookies.

The food truck visit was organized by assistant principal Ms. Barreto, who said, “I was given the application and filled it out right away. I wanted the students to experience something out of the usual.” She mentioned that the event had been scheduled for the day before the homecoming parade, but that would’ve been quite hectic. She was able to move it forward, and clearly everything worked out in the end. According to Ms. Barreto, this an event we can keep looking forward to once a year, as long as the application is given to her.

The Miami Dade Department of Food and Nutrition food truck program began three years ago. The trucks are currently working with 300 schools in Miami Dade County, ranging from elementary to high schools and have 4 schools scheduled per week, from Monday through Thursday.