Christian Moreno

By Amanda Echevarria, News Editor


On January 10th, 2019 as, Senior Christian Moreno sat in his Health Science class, he was surprised with news of a lifetime. While Christian believed that his U.S. Navy Counselor was walking in to tell him he was being kicked out of the Navy, it was quite the opposite. Chief Curtis Bembow was walking in to announce Christian’s acceptance into the prestigious United States Navy’s Nuclear Field program as well as to present Christian with a $25,000 scholarship. Christian said that his “tears of anxiety tuned into tears of joy.” The United States Navy’s Nuclear Field program is a rigorous program that only accepts those who have enlisted in the Navy and have scored high on the ASVAB; Christian earned a 95 out of 99. While Christian cannot talk much about the program as it is confidential, he does state that he is very excited. (by Amanda Echevarria)