Mr. Miami High

By Amanda Echevarria, News Editor

The competitors for Mr. Miami High consisted of five Seniors and one Junior.

On Wednesday, March 13, 2019, over 70 students gathered in the theatre at 3:30 to watch as Honoria hosted their annual Mr. Miami High contest, which is essentially an all-male pageant hosted for fun and judged by teachers.

The Judges stated that their ideal Mr. Miami would be someone who is witty, intelligent, and outgoing. From left to right: Ms. Cid, Mr. Coria, and Ms. Garcia.

This year’s 6 individuals representing their clubs competed for the coveted title of Mr. Miami High: Mr. Interact Donald Rodriguez, Mr. JROTC Yanniel Arcay, Mr. GSA Lu Ona, Mr. Key Michel Otero, Mr. Choir Johnathan Rodriguez, and Mr. Wrestling Michael Capote.

Competitors were judged in 4 categories: Dancing, Swimwear, Talent and Interview. All competitors made sure to not only bring their A-game, but also to be themselves and have fun.

At the end of the night, after a tough decision, Mr. Wrestling Senior Michael Capote was crowned Mr. Miami High 2019. In 2nd place came Mr. GSA Lu Ona, and in 3rd place Mr. Interact Donald Rodriguez.

Honoria Vice-President Belmar Hernandez said that while they could only crown one Mr. Miami High, she felt that all participants were great representatives of our school. (by Amanda Echevarria)

Although Senior Michael Capote (in the middle) was the winner of Mr. Miami High, he humbly shared his crown with his fellow contestants.