Electives at Stingtown

By Christhian Mendoza, Staff Writer

Elective classes are meant to be fun, exciting, and educational. Miami High has many electives and programs that help you explore different careers such as Health Science, Journalism, Teaching and Law Magnet programs. Other electives allow you to explore your interests.

Sophomore Julio Hernandez’s favorite elective is Health Science because he’s “always learning something new that’s going to be beneficial for his career later on as a nurse.” Senior Angela Rodriguez said, “I really like art class because I love drawing, and I want to be a well-known artist when I grow up.’’

Freshman Basil Morales said that his favorite elective is “Italian because I really like to challenge myself and I want to learn a third language to have better job opportunities.’’ He decided to pick Italian “because my sister took that class when she was here.”

Junior Brayan Cabrera’s favorite elective is P.E. because ‘’it’s basically a free period and you have enough time to do your core classes homework so you don’t do them at home.”

Elective classes, however, sometimes can be a student’s worst nightmare. Junior Stephanie Hernandez’s least favorite subject is “culinary arts because the teacher expects us to always wear uniform, and if we don’t, then we are not allowed to cook.’’

Freshman Carmen Martinez doesn’t like “fashion design because the teacher expects us to learn everything on one go.’’

Angela Rodriguez’s least favorite subject was P.E. “because the teacher would make us run and exercise in the hot sun, and I would sweat a lot.’’

Elective teachers have fun while teaching and love their jobs, easily recommending why students should take their classes. AP Spanish teacher Ms. Sandino would recommend her class because “it offers you 5 college credits if you pass the test”. Her class also offers students “better note taking skills, timed testing experience, interpretations and analysis of text.”

Ms. Miranda recommends her Italian class because you get to learn about the Italian lifestyle.

Drama teacher Ms. Cote said that her elective offers students opportunities to be creative, to gain confidence, to take a break from all their classes, and to have fun. She would recommend her class because it teaches students to be confident and believe more in themselves.

Fashion Design teacher Ms. Belony said that her class offers students “leadership qualities, which are techniques and skills that my students could use in the real world not just fashion.” She would like to see students take her class because she “lets your creativity run wild and makes you think outside of the box.”

Ms. Miranda recommends her Italian class because knowing Italian would help you get better in your English class “it’s a fun class and the students get to learn about the Italian culture, food, fashion, art. She also points out that a great percentage of English vocabulary comes from Latin, and once you learn a different language, you learn to see similarities between that language and English.



Miami High Electives


Fine Arts

Drawing, Painting, Photography, Theatre, Chorus, Band, Jazz, Keyboard, Guitar, Television Production, Creative Writing


Career Choices

Journalism, Health Science, Culinary, Cosmetology, Fashion Design, Building Trades, Automotive, JROTC, Yearbook


Magnet Classes

Comprehensive Law, Early Childhood Education, Speech, Psychology, Ethics,



Spanish, French, Italian,


Academics Electives

Multicultural Studies, AP Seminar, AP Capstone, Chess



Business Software Education, Accounting Applications, Digital Design, Business and Entrepreneurial, Computer Programming


Physical Education

Personal Fitness, Weight Training, Sports Officiating