Mr. Fertil’s French Guyana Pen Pals

By Carolina Soto, Editor-in-Chief

French student’s with their French Guyanese pen pals along with SGA officers and Ms. Trelle’s in her Culinary Arts class.

French teacher Mr. Fertil, whose French students have been paired with pen pals from French Guyana this school year, got the chance to meet their new friends who visited Miami Senior High School on May 9th.

Mr. Fertil reported, “My students are learning French just like their pen pals are learning English in their own country. When the French Guyanese students were able to visit Miami High, they were also able to have an introduction to American culture.”

The Guyanese visitors and their Miami High pen pals had lunch together and later went on a school tour. There were about 40 students lunching together, 20 from our high school and 20 from French Guyana. Everything from Cuban cuisine, pizza, donuts, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, and pie was served. Students also had a gift exchange where students gave each other a souvenir from their hometown.

To cap off their trip, the Guyanese students were given a tour to see some of Miami High’s elective classes, including Dr. DeNight’s Journalism class where the newspaper is produced, Dr. Underwood’s TV Production class, Ms. Belony’s Fashion and Design class, Ms. Trelle’s Culinary class, Ms. Turner’s Medical Skills class, Mr. Bello’s Automotive class, and Ms. Diaz’s photography class where the yearbook is produced.