It’s Summertime Baby, So Go Stream Your Favorite Movies

By Christhian Mendoza, Staff Writer

HURRAY!!! As the school year comes to an end, many students will spend their summer vacation watching movies and catching up on TV shows. Movies touch people’s souls, make them laugh, cry and feel so many emotions. There are so many movies, and so many genres that it might be a good idea to listen to fellow students about which movies are worth watching and which should be avoided.

We have movies that students enjoyed so much that they turned into our favorite movies. Freshman Sarah Amador’s favorite film of all time is Into the Wild which is a real life story about a guy who graduated college and his rich family expected him to have a successful career but he decided to choose his own path and move away into the Alaskan wilderness.”

Others however prefer fantasy over reality. Junior Sandra Gonzales said that her favorite movie is Wonder Woman which is about a woman with superpowers. “I really liked the fact that the main character and the person with superpowers was a woman and I believe that it gave women empowerment.”

Another film about a powerful woman is senior Heidy Jimenez’s favorite Lucy, “which is about a girl who gets a type of drug inside her body which gives her super-natural abilities. “I would recommend it if you’re interested in sci-fi movies,” she said.

A scary movie with a powerful woman in the lead is senior Maria Vargas’s favorite Carrie (2013) because “ever since I was born there would be a CD of the original Carrie from 1976 so it was fun seeing the remake of the movie. I loved how they gave the movie a modern touch.”

Childhood films stick with us forever. Junior Stephanie Alvarez said that her favorite movie of all time is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because “as a kid my mom would always read that story to me, and when the movie came out, I was excited to see the movie of the book me and my mom bonded over.”

Action films are popular with so many people. Senior Jacob Smith said that his favorite movie is Furious 7 because “It was the end of the Fast and Furious movies and it was exciting watching how they managed to make Paul Walker’s brother look so much like him.” Senior Ashley Domingues agreed, saying that Furious 7 was “packed with emotions through the whole film.’’

Freshman Basil Morales loved The Hunger Games Catching Fire. “I really like that movie because here Katniss goes from an innocent girl to becoming the one that starts a revolution against the capitol,” he said. Junior Juan Castella also enjoys the Hunger Games, but Mocking Jay Part 2 was his favorite because “it was a great way to end the whole franchise of 3 movies prior to it.” However, senior Cesar Jimenez said that his least favorite movie is the Hunger Games because “the movie is so cliché and very predictable.”

Miami High students could recommend some movies to avoid this summer.  Junior Daniela Lopez stated that the worst film that he has ever watched was The Kissing Booth because the whole movie was just “cringy and there’s so many other movies like that one.’’

Sophomore Katherine Hernandez recommend avoiding Sierra Burgess Is a Big Loser because the movie ‘’is unrealistic and it makes catfishing seem good.”

For senior Henry Caballero, the worst film he has ever seen is The Mummy remake in 2017 because “it really wasn’t scary, plus the movie was boring and I feel like this movie didn’t follow the same plot as the original movie.”\

Look for these top 5 movies of 2018  on Netflix or RedBox

  • 12 Strong
  • Maze Runner: The Death Cure
  • Black Panther
  • The 15:17 to Paris
  • Annihilation