Girls Basketball Team

By Juliana Jaramillo , Staff Writer

Naire Lucas, a sophomore, at a summer league.

The girls basketball team can never be caught slipping. They are active year-round with competitions throughout the state.  This summer they practiced 3-4 times per week in and out of school; whether it was strength training, conditioning, or running they were always diligent.

The girls joined two leagues in the summer and Coach “Boozer” exclaimed that they “did very good” in both. Additionally, the Lady Stings played tournaments at two state colleges, Florida Atlantic University and University of Central Florida. They asserted that they are full of talent and strength by winning two games in each college.

The girls basketball team goes through rigorous training and if you are willing to commit , try outs will commence the first week of October. Coach Baumgarten says the team is very promising and full of potential. The team will be part of a separate league this year called “South Broward,” which will add 2 games per week to their schedule