Debate Team

By Juliana Jaramillo , Staff Writer

History teacher Ms. Yanelle Perez is the new coach for the Debate Team this year. This will allow the Law and Leadership Honors Society, which Ms. Perez is the sponsor of, and the Debate Team to be more intertwined.

From Left to right: Ms.Perez, Nathalie Saladrigas, Brianna Delisle. Center Top: Micahel Ojeda

The Debate Team keeps busy yearlong with 7-10 tournaments that take place on Saturdays. However, they began working on their arguments before school even began. During a week-long summer camp hosted by the Urban Debate League at the University of Miami School of Communications, they learned about the year’s topic and developed arguments. Our Stings debate on the same topic the whole year; this year it’s, “Whether or not to allow for the sale of arms by the United States to foreign nations.” On the last day of the camp, a tournament took place, and novice Captain Nathalie Saladrigas, a junior, got first place!

Debate meetings take place once a week, but on the week of a match the team meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The first debate tournament will take place October 12.