Art for the Soul


Art is now flourishing in the poor neighborhood of Comuna 13.

By Karyme Osorno, Layout-Editor


Getting out of the house and into an adventure can bring inner bliss. Recently, on my trip to Medellin, Colombia, I had one of the best experiences yet. From an amazing vibe to mesmerizing art, Colombia is truly a divine country. While I was sightseeing, I went to Comuna 13, a huge neighborhood that was once considered one of the most dangerous because of its murder rates and drug trafficking. All the citizens of Comuna 13 came together as one after many gruesome years by expressing themselves through art and music.

Comuna 13 went through its own rebirth, and it has become a very famous tourist attraction because of its significant art, its residents, and their many talents.

A mural from Comuna 13, a Medellin neighborhood embracing its culture.

The community is filled with murals done by artists from all over the world, all depicting the history of Comuna 13.
From fascinating colors to hypnotizing graphics illuminating the spirit of the entire space and bringing tourists and citizens together as one, art in Comuna 13 is a beacon for connection. The residents are very creative, many of them making a living from the artisanal crafts they put together such as bracelets, handbags, clothes, and other accessories.

A community filled with art is a community filled with life. The atmosphere of a community can change from very dull to animated, with a touch of art to its surroundings. Senior Colleen Bucknor feels welcomed when there’s art around. “It brings life to people’s attention with color. It makes me want to be there. It excites me,” she said

Freshman Max Morales, who believes art can have a great impact on the ambiance of a place, said, “There’s many different types of arts, like abstract, cubism, etc.… but they all spread a message through the imagination and reach the imaginations of those who view it.Viewing and making art can be healing for many individuals. Art can inspire the uninspired and change a person’s state of mind. “It makes me feel inspired to do stuff for others,” said sophomore Marcely Osorno. “I feel generous and refreshed.”
There are infinite ways art can lighten someone. Junior Kelly Castro feels deeply connected with art because “There’s many different perspectives and none is wrong or right. It’s a surprise that soothes me.”

   “Art is part of our daily lives,” said Ms. Lee, visual arts teacher at Miami High. “It changes spaces, colors, and thought processes. It soothes students and makes life brighter for everyone.”

The residents of Comuna 13 showing off their talents to the many tourists .

Life is bound to get stressful, and sometimes we all need a way to let go. Carlos Realgeno, a junior, explains, “I sometimes draw whatever I see inside my head, I end up with pretty cool pictures, and I also feel like I detach from what goes on around me.“Picasso was in a very depressed state so he started to express himself by making most of his artwork blue. He slowly started to feel less miserable and little by little started adding vibrant colors into his work,” said Max Morales, who is a passionate artist and a believer that art is curative.

  Art can change your life!

  • Scientific evidence suggests that creating art may elevate your mood, clarify your ability to problem solve, and increase open-mindedness.
  • Art may lead you to the discovery of a more self-reflective, contemplative, expressive version of yourself.
  • It has the power to engage you so fully, bringing you into the present moment.