Senior Crown


By Andrea Nolasco, Layout-Editor

Seniors, Seniors, Seniors!!! Senior year is the most important year in your high school experience, but you can’t start senior year without your senior crown, which you get to decorate in ways you want and to express yourself during the first week of your senior year.

You probably remember seeing seniors with all types of different crowns on your first week of school your freshman year and getting excited for your senior year. People can get ideas from seeing other crowns in their school, online, or social media. The only thing that matters is you having fun making it and enjoying your first week of your last year!

There are so many different types of crowns, representing everybody’s creativity and personality. Catherine Cabrera themed her crown from her favorite show. “I did purple with glitter letters and theme of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” she said. Similarly, Emely Gutierrez’s favorite childhood show was The Fairly Odd Parents so that’s the theme of her crown.

If you had a hard time with your creativity but wanted to be part of a tradition doing your crown, you could get ideas online. Emily Garcia went on Pinterest and found some cool ideas. Senior Erick Garcia found some collages of his favorite rapper on Google and decided to do a crown based YNW Melly.

Photo by karymeosorno
Helena Palis made a graduation cap from cap & gown made from newspapers instead of the traditional senior crown. She wanted to be original. “I wanted to do something out of the box and something I thought no one would think of doing as well,” she said.

Without supplies, you can’t really do your senior crown, now can you? Breeana Grave bought her supplies at Michaels and Dollar Tree, spending about 10 dollars. Amanda Suarez spent 15 dollars from Michaels and the arts & craft store on 27th avenue.

If you didn’t have enough time throughout your summer to get supplies or plan with a friend, you could have gone to an event for seniors hosted here at Miami High. “That day we had about 80 students coming in to do their crowns,” said activities director Mr. Rivero. “We provided paint, glitter, flowers, stickers, stencils, and paint brushes.” They also provided nachos with lemonade. The event started at 9 a.m. and went till 1:30 p.m. on July 31st.

Stephanie Hernandez did 4 different crowns. “One of my crowns was red glitter and white with gold letters, the second was rainbow with white letters spelling out SENIOR and the last one was a white crown dripping down with gold paint with silver letters,” she said. Senior Yaa Redrick said, “My favorite color is purple and pink, so I decided to do my crown those colors.”

Now everybody knows doing a senior crown is a big tradition Miami High does every year, but some students have their own reasons why they do their crown. Darria Whitley said, “I want to do everything a senior can do and have fun with my last year in high school.” Ashlyn Maryarrez said, “Without a crown I won’t really feel like I’m a senior for real.”

Although making a crown is fun, it can be fast or take forever. Senior Jaynah Rodriguez took about 20 minutes or so to finish her crown since she just splashed some paint onto it with some stickers. Liosdan Gonzalez, said, “I did it last minute and on the first day of school in the morning.”

On the other hand, senior Yvette Smith took a few days. “I did 3 different crowns, each one representing something important to me for a different day in the week, so it took me more than usual to actually finish,” she said. Similarly, Ayleen Ramirez planned with a friend 3 weeks before summer and ended up doing it with her.