Being a Great Sting



By Ralph Garcia, Staff Writer

Miami High has a lot of students involved in clubs, extra-curricular activities, and rigorous classes that make our school one of the best amongst Miami- Dade County Public Schools. Many students here been excelling in their classes. One of the greatest achievements we’ve made this year is that we finally became an “A” school! As a result, we should all be aiming towards being the best versions of ourselves and being good students.
Good students do a lot of different things. “Being a good student to me means being dedicated to your school work and maintaining a high GPA so I can have a higher chance of applying to colleges my senior year,” said 10th grader Nathaly Gomez. Her core classes are all honors classes. She added, “I think good students should have honors classes because it shows how smart you are and that’s a really good trait that some people may look up to you for.”
But it’s not always about how hard you push yourself to do better. 9th grader Jose Luis Garcia believes being a good student means wearing uniform and joining clubs that are honor societies. Some students have been great students since their early childhood when they first started school, while others commenced doing bad but have gotten better throughout the years. Sophomore Ashley Lopez says, she wished she would’ve done good her freshman year because now she is suffering from a low GPA and will have to work her way up now.

Hardest parts of being a high academic achiever.
Hard work often has its difficulties. Being a high academic achiever is no different. Sophomore Tatiana Jimenez states that stress that puts her on the spot sometimes. “It gets to the point where I want to have a breakdown because I’m taking Honors and AP classes and they expect so much from me.” The work that AP students are to never compare to regular class students. Junior Noelle Menendez claims she stays up to 2 AM sometimes doing homework. “The work is so much for me and the school year is just starting!”

Secrets to Success?
To some, it’s not just a natural trait that you’re born with on how to be a good student. In fact, some people are highly convinced that they had to work their way up through in order to get their honor rolls, high certificate achievements, and awards. Senior Adrian Fernandez who takes multiple AP classes, says, “Time management is a big key in my secret to success.” Time management is one of the main problems us students face. We try to organize ourselves the best we can, and sometimes……. It doesn’t work out that way! Senior Sharon Castellanos also implies to be more organized, she says it’s very important to never forget when your homework is due and to always be on task. Senior Sharon Castellanos says, “I limit my phone use, because my phone is a major distraction to me when doing my work.” She adds “I have an app on my phone that limits my phone use to be more focused on my homework.”. One such app called “Forest- stay focused” and can help you in the future. It is free of charge and very easy to set up.

Teachers speak up!
Like students, teachers also have their own viewpoint of what good student do. 9TH grade Intensive Reading teacher Ms. Enriquez believes a good student is dedicated, polite and has a purpose in school.” She said, “your purpose in school is not to only do good in school, but to have good morals and have a good attitude.” Mrs. Lopez, who is a 10th grade Intensive Reading teacher, believes good students are always interested, engaged, and are responsible. Mrs. Lopez congratulates students who are not highly excelling in her classes when they score high on a quiz or tests because it “encourages them to do better and feel like they can do more proficient.”

Tips on being a good student
 Study, there is NO substitute
 Arrive on time for class everyday
 Time management is key
 Develop self-discipline
 Surround yourself with good influences
 Get involved