Sports At Miami Senior High


12th grader Darriah Whitley, center, playing her favorite sport, basketball.

By Christhian Mendoza, Layout-Editor

Sports can be exciting, and they could also be careers. At Miami High, there’s a sport for everyone, so everyone is more then welcome to join the fun. Sports are all about letting yourself go, being confident, and working together as a team to take the victory home.

Miami High’s athletes like different things about the sport that they play. Senior Colleen Bucknor, who swims and plays basketball and flag football, said, “The best part about playing a sport is seeing all the results of the hard work you and your teammates put in. Plus, it’s a great way to stay fit.”

Senior Darriah Whitley, who also plays basketball, added, “Sports are fun, and whenever I picture myself in the future, I see myself as a professional basketball player.”

For junior Reginald Mashuck, the best part of playing football is the competition because players feel an adrenaline rush.

Robert L. Little, who plays varsity football, said that one of the best parts of football is that you get to talk and judge other players.” He added that he has been playing football since he was 4 years old.”

Varsity cheerleader Chanel Carbonell said injuries are the worst part of being an athlete.

Athletic director Mr. Graham said that if you want to play for any of the school sports, you must “have a 2.0 or higher GPA unless you’re an incoming freshman. Also you will need to fill out a physical packet, then get it approved by a doctor. The packet must be notarized to make sure all the information is correct and valid.”

You would also have to “pay for athletic insurance, but football insurance is separate.” And if it is your first time trying to play for a school team or you’re a freshman, you will need to bring a birth certificate.

Miami High offers different sports in different seasons. Currently, the fall sports are bowling, cross country, golf, swimming, girls volleyball, and football.

In winter we have girls and boys soccer, girls and boys basketball and wrestling too. In spring season, the sports are baseball, softball, tennis, track and field, girls flag football, water polo, and spring football.

Mr. Graham reported that football is the sport with the most players, with 50-80 players between JV and varsity.

People try out for a school team for different reasons. Junior Chanel Carbonell, who is a Miami High cheerleader, decided to join the school’s cheerleading team because she had been dancing for 3 years and decided to give cheer a try because she wanted to be more involved in her junior year.

Some athletes wouldn’t mind trying a new sport. Colleen Bucknor said she would like to try soccer because “if I was in soccer, my position would a goalie.” Junior Semaj, who plays basketball, she would give flag football a try because “it would get my endurance up and make me better in my own sport.” Football player Reginald Mashuck would like to try out track because “I like to run and am a pretty fast runner.”

Not everything is perfect in the sports world. Chanel Carbonell and Reginald Mashuck agree that injuries are the worst part of their sport because it stops them from playing their passion. An anonymous female volleyball player adds that “injuries that happen outside of volleyball are the worst thing.” She once hurt her hands while bike riding at the beach with family.


5 Positive Effects of Playing a Sport in School

  • Social skills; you get to interact and work together with other school players.
  • Health; you work out and stay fit.
  • Teamwork; sport teaches students to work together as a whole
  • Leadership skills; being on a team gives athletes the opportunity to be a leader.
  • Scholarships; if you have good grades and are good at it, you might win a scholarship.