Live to Wander

By Karyme Osorno

TAKE AN ADVENTURE! Travel to an entirely different country if possible, try exotic fruits, talk to the person next to you, immerse yourself in their culture. Check out museums , support local vendors, and do what scares you because life is short. DON’T overthink it. Simply be in the present moment, out of your comfort zone.

The Miami High community enjoys travelling to new places, and many have travelled to foreign countries. Sophomore Marcely Osorno, who has been to her parents’ home countries of Guatemala and Nicaragua, said, “The first time I went there I was four years old, and it was during Christmas. It was very fun to see plenty of kids having so much fun outside with no toys, just tree branches and streets.”

Coach Carreno, adventuring around the world, has been to the Bahamas, Paris, Ecuador, Turks and Caicos, and Mexico.

Many students have been travelling since they were young. Junior Dashell Cordon first visited her hometown in El Salvador when she was two years old for a family vacation.

Travelling has the power to build your self-confidence, provide new experiences, and create divine memories. It takes your mind off the daily stress and automatically puts you in a better mood.

Many students agree that traveling somewhere new is very uplifting to them. Junior Juan Mercedes said, “When I was in Russia the amount of joy and emotions I felt were indescribable. I fell in love with the country. The ambiance of the country felt like an entirely different reality. Everyone was enjoying the little things and the people are so kind to one another.”

The feeling of a new experience can be fulfilling to many people. Senior Maria Morales describes feeling connected to her roots.

When she visited Nicaragua for the first time, she was filled with excitement.

Traveling is also a way to get back in touch with our own self because you are forced to break your own boundaries. In the article titled, ‘How to travel and find yourself’ published by The New York Times, Geoffrey Morrison says, “Get lost. I’m serious. Get lost a lot. This is what did it for me. I’d get some tunes going on some headphones and venture out to explore a new city, town, beach, wherever I was. Usually with no clear destination, merely a direction. Be safe, of course, and aware of your surroundings, but just wander. You’ll find food on the way. You’ll find something to do on the way. Google Maps can help you make your way back. You’ll find amazing little shops off the beaten path, beautiful streets far from the tourist spots, and at every turn, something new. It’s delightful. From Venice to Tokyo to Fiji and London, there’s no activity I like better than exploring a new place.”

The awareness we have made with other places and cultures leave us longing for more. Coach Carreno acknowledged, “Traveling changed my life because I got to see how others live; rich or poor, it didn’t matter, they were all grateful, and seeing that made me very grateful as well.”

Junior Chanell Carbonell, who flew to Costa Rica, emphasized, “I would definitely travel again. It made me have many realizations like the wholesomeness of all the different people that remind me how simple and beautiful life deeply is.”

Senior Tais Dion, who has visited Mexico , Aruba , Amsterdam , Spain and Hawaii, affirms how traveling is a constant reminder that there’s so much out there to see and learn from the world. This motivates her to live to her fullest potential with a free  spirit that fills her heart.

Travelling to a new place can leave many people with an entirely new perspective on their life. When we get to experience the

way others around the world live daily, we realize how grateful we are and how unique human life is. Senior Marcia Moody has

travelled to France, Italy, Europe, Switzerland, Germany and Amsterdam. She emphasizes how each country has their own

unique way of living, foods, festivities, religions and beliefs.  She said, “Getting to experience many different cultures changed my perspective on life. It made me realize how everyone is so unique, but we are all connected like one family.”