2020 New Decade

By Christhian Mendoza, Layout Editor

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December 31st was the last year of 2019, and here in February, we are already into a new decade, with so  many more chances to better ourselves and start fresh.

Many people made resolutions to change in the New Year. Senior Karyn Millien said, “My New Year’s resolution is to better myself, work on my attitude, and strive for what I want in life.”



Junior Valeria Hernandez said that for this new year she’s going to try to change and be “more honest and faithful.”

Senior Shirley Lopez’s main resolution for 2020 is to “Make more money than what I did last year.” Freshman Juan Reyes resolves to do better in school and try to come to school on time every day.

Others, however, don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. History teacher Ms. Delgado feels like people could change and start fresh whenever they try. “Waiting for a New Year is an excuse to put the thing off,” she said.


New Year New Me? 

Senior Katherine Martinez doesn’t believe in the saying “New Year New Me”. She said, “There are things you shouldn’t change about yourself such as your personality and personal traits.”

Sophomore Sarai Amores adds, “People say that they could change, but fail to do so and instead end up doing the same bad habits that they tried to change. People just can’t change overnight.”

Senior Marcia Moody asks, “Why wait for a new year to change something about yourself when you can do it at any time?”

Senior Miguel Tatin said, “People say that they are going to change, but they actually just try to change for a couple of days, and then after a week or two, they go back to their normal selves.”

Some students at Miami Senior High do believe that people can change when it’s New Year’s. Junior Starlin Tapia said, “People try to change, but they need time and patience to fully change. It’s not something that happens once the clock hits 12.00.”

Senior Shirley Lopez agrees that people could change their lifestyle and try to do better for the new year.

Digital Design teacher Ms. Branch would like to add that people can change because “it’s a new me this year.” In 2019 she learned that in order to reach a goal, you need to set one. One of her New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and eat healthier.


How was 2019?

We all learn from our failed resolutions and try to do better next time. Karyn Millen said, “In 2019 I learned to stop begging for distance from other people when things are not going great in my life.”

Katherine Martinez said that in 2019 she got hurt by people who were close to her and “that people really aren’t who they seem to be. People will hurt you and step all over you.”

Sarai Amores said, “Last year I learned to not believe everything that you see and that the ones close to you could be the ones that hurt you the most.”

Sophomore Franklyn Amador adds, “I learned that to achieve your goals you need to put a lot of dedication and effort.”

Looking back on 2019, people had different opinions about what kind of year they had.   In 2019, Ms. Delgado learned to “appreciate all the little things” that others do for her.

Senior Miguel Tatin said, “I would, describe my 2019 as a year of improvement, sweat and work, because I spent most of my 2019 sweating in the gym and a lot of time at work.”

Valeria Hernandez describes her year as “a mess, fun, and a lesson because, I learned a lot from my mistakes and won’t repeat them.”


Top Ten Resolutions for 2020

  • Lose Weight
  • Improve finances
  • Exercise
  • Get a new job
  • Eat healthier
  • Manage stress better
  • Stop smoking
  • Improve a relationship
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Set aside alone time

Source: Parade Magazine