By Juliana Jaramillo

R-tech sponsor Mr. Jara reports that the club is part of Amazon’s Future Engineer program, a partnership including educational support and the opportunity to plan field trips to their large fulfillment centers. On January 22nd R-tech received a DeepLense Camera from Amazon who describe it as “cloud-connected and intended for prototyping artificial intelligence applications.”

Because, Mr. Jara is the Vice President of the District Computer Science Teacher Association, in February, he received a big donation from Gulliver High School of controller, sensors, motors, and additional pieces needed to make a robot. Mr. Jara said, “I drove up there as soon as they offered and came back to Miami High with a car filled to the brim in tech.” He said that the donation is worth $20,000 in supplied and that it will take him days to sort through it all.

Mr. Jara has also enrolled in a philanthropic Microsoft program called Teals. Starting next school year, he will be accompanied by a Microsoft volunteer, trained by the company, in his computer science classes. Jara says this is an unparallel experience and “will allow Miami High students to form relationships with people currently in the field.”