First Concert: From Earphones to Real Life


Photo collage by Christian Mendoza. In the picture we have Billie Eilish bottom left and on her right Lil Uzi. On the top right we have Ariana Grande and next to her Bad Bunny.

By Christhian Mendoza

Attending a concert from a singer that you like listening to is an amazing feeling. Seeing your favorite up there on that stage singing their hearts out live and raw is great. Experiencing those songs live, singing as loud as you can and feeling the ground shake is a feeling that you won’t be able to forget for a long time. No matter how many concerts you decide to attend, your first concert is always going to be pretty unforgettable and iconic, because you will never experience the first concert feeling again.

    Senior Paola Sanchez’s first concert was Ariana Grande at the American Airlines arena back in July 2019 when Ariana was on her “Sweetener Tour”. “I went with my older sister because she also listens to Ariana, and she also paid for the tickets,” Paula said. Her best memory from the concert was getting to sing her favorite song “Nasa” with her sister next to her.

    Sophomore Jason Alvarez’s first concert was back in 2017 when he and his older brother went to see Chance the Rapper in Tampa. He said, “I really liked my first concert because my parents bought me the ticket as my birthday gift.” Jason said that he had to convince his parents to let him go because “I had bad grades.”

     Junior Karyme Osorno’s first concert was back in 2014 when she attended one of Ellie Goulding’s concerts. “It was life changing because I felt so alive,” said Karyme. She went to the concert with her cousin and a friend. Her favorite memory was hearing the song “Lights”, her favorite song from Ellie.

    Senior Katherine Martinez, whose first concert was at Life in Color, said it was very fun. “There were good vibes everywhere, you could be yourself, and everyone was nice. I got to meet people from all over the world,” she said. Her concert ticket was $60, and she paid for it herself because “I was working and wanted to treat myself.”

   Junior Hector Gomez’s first concert was at the American Airlines Arena back in December 2018 when his favorite singer Anuel was touring. He said that it was amazing because Anuel brought on many special guests to join him on stage and perform. One of the special guests was Puerto Rican Trap Reggae artist Bad Bunny. Hector said, “Bad Bunny is another one of my favorite singers,so to be there watching them both perform live was so surreal.” His  parents bought him the ticket and dropped him off there with another friend at night. They took an Uber home. His favorite song from that concert  was “47 remix featuring Bad Bunny”.

    Senior Amy Vega’s first concert was Tyler the Creator. ”It was fun and interesting seeing the other types of people that like listening to his music,” said Amy. Her best memory was “seeing everyone sing.” Amy, whose parents paid for her ticket, said that her favorite song from Tyler the Creator was “She Featuring  Frank Ocean”.

      Senior Daniel Amador remembers his first concert being at a flea market when he went with his parents to the Swap Shop in Fort Lauderdale. His parents went there to see a Mexican band that was performing that day. “The concert was free,” he said. “We just had to pay for the parking.”

     Senior Liz Rodriguez’s first concert was March 9th of this year to see Billie Eilish at the American Airlines Arena. “It was the best experience in my life, how I was present in the moment and didn’t use my phone during the performance,” she said. Liz does not remember the price of the ticket, but said “Wish you were gay” was her favorite song from the concert.

    Even though people won’t ever feel the magic again of their first concert, that doesn’t mean they are going to stop going to shows. The latest concert that Karyme Osorno  attended was Paulina Rubio. She said, “Compared to my first concert, this one was just as great because it was my first time going to a Spanish concert. I knew all the lyrics and had fun singing in Spanish with my cousins. My parents let me go because my aunt was paying for the tickets.

   Meanwhile Amy Vega’s last concert was to see Osuna. What she liked the most is that she went with a group of friends who purchased seats next to each other. “It was exciting to dance along with my friends as Osuna was live,” she said.

5 Most Crowded Concerts  in History 

Jean Michel Jarre (1991)

3.5 Million people

Monsters of Rock (1986)

1.6 Million people

New York Philharmonic (1986)

800,000    people

Garth Brooks   (1997)

750,000 people

Steve Wozniak’s Us Festival (1983)

670,000 people