Shows to Watch During Quarantine


Collage by: Basil Morales

By Basil Morales

   What does one do when a virus is running rampant and instilling fear into the hearts of citizens? Uh…. stay home and watch some good TV shows, duh.

    It’s the 21st century, and we’re blessed with the internet and numerous TV shows that’ll make you laugh, cry and most importantly, forget about the world outside. If you’re quarantined, on house arrest, or just too paranoid to leave your bedroom, here are some binge-worthy shows recommended by fellow students.

   “I recommend Euphoria, a series that follows a group of high school students as they go through depression, rejection, and addiction. There’s 8 episodes in total, and each follows the story of a person with a personal problem,” said sophomore Juda Castillo.

   Senior Luz Salgado recommends The Witcher because it has monsters and magic, swords and sorcery. It’s like The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones combined, and the show is on Netflix.”

    “The Mandalorian is a Star Wars hit series about a lone Mandalorian and his journey as a bounty hunter in a galaxy far far away. If you’ve seen a green alien meme, it’s from The Mandalorian, and people call it baby Yoda,” said sophomore Hector Alarcon.

   T.V. shows have a lot of episodes or even multiple seasons, but how many episodes does one watch at a time? Sophomore Jorleni Mejia said that the most episodes she has watched are 3 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and each season contained 10 to 15 episodes. She added that she wanted to watch more because the show got her interested in surgical techniques and stuff like that.

   Junior Catherine Navarro said, “I’ve watched an entire season of The Office with 24 episodes in a day. After a long time of watching the show, I feel overwhelmed. Also depending on how the show ends, I get really sad and stare off in the distance wishing I didn’t finish it.”

   Shows that teens usually watch, parents might either have a good or bad opinion on.  Sophomore Steve Stubbs said, “My parents don’t like the shows I watch like anime because they see it as little kids stuff. They like real action stuff with real people, no cartoons.”

  Christopher Flores, a sophomore, said, “I watch good shows on Netflix such as Elite, The Originals, Shameless, and Lucifer, but my parents wouldn’t like them because they don’t watch any type of T.V. show. They only watch the news and nothing else.”


Dead To Me(2 SEASON)

Riverdale(4 SEASON)

Outer Banks(1 SEASONS)

Trial BY Media(1 SEASONS)

Grey’s Anatomy(16 SEASONS)