No Homecoming Dance, Nor Parade?


Throwback to Miami High’s 2016 Homecoming Parade.

By Jose Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Flamboyant is what you call Miami Senior High. A diverse school of lively students that fill the halls. Unfortunately, our liveliness took a toll this year. In our current situation of facing a pandemic, it seems as if homecoming will be cancelled.


Why Homecoming week is an important event at Miami High

Although homecoming only occurs for a week, it is important that we partake in this activity as it is the first main event of the year, and the commencement of football season.

Homecoming is the gathering of various Stingarees cheering on our football team in hopes of bringing home a championship trophy.

Not only is participating fun, but you actually get to live the “High School Musical” experience. It’s important you actually have fun during homecoming week as it also serves as motivation for joining many more fun activities.


How the Coronavirus is keeping us from participating on Homecoming week

This ongoing pandemic limits the amount of people who are able to participate and go to the homecoming dance. Covid-19 is a serious issue because many students might be asymptomatic, so it is difficult to determine who has this virus, preventing us from participating.

It is crucial we follow the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommendation of maintaining a six-feet distance. Keeping this distance limits the space in a banquet hall, making nearly impossible to attend the dance.

Even though we can shorten the amount of social distance due to wearing a protective covering, social distancing is a the to prevent the transmission of the virus, a face covering can only do so much for your protection.

That is why a mask and the recommended distance is the way to actually do things instead of risking and increasing the transmission of Covid.


How this is Affecting kids Emotionally

For those of us who take pride in our school spirit, it’s unfortunate to know that there might not be a homecoming week. Various students partake in this week to boost our football team, but now it seems as we are not able to.

Many students are being affected emotionally as this week is how they feel inclusive or show their school pride. Senior Krystel Gutierrez feels bummed that “My senior year isn’t going as planned. Homecoming was only the beginning of many other activities that I intended to attend and make the most of.”

Junior Jasmine Navarro not only feels disappointed but sad knowing Miami High might not host a homecoming dance/week. “Homecoming is the big event where everyone is hyped up to support the school’s football team and express their pride through chants and cheers, so the fact that Covid might cause it to cancel is disappointing to me and probably to many others.”

On the other hand, sophomore Angie Escobar is not being affected by the news because she typically doesn’t “participate nor enjoy these events.”

In general, many students are being affected by the news but there might be a solution to make homecoming week happen!


What Actions can the school take in order to Safely Continue with the Homecoming dance

There are many steps the school can take to procced and host the homecoming dance. A first solution recommended by Junior Sarahi Rodriguez is that “The school can simply host an outdoor homecoming dance, with an outdoor theme.”

I personally believe this is the best bet to prevent more contamination as Stingarees are out in the open with constant new air flow, and with a large lot, distance can be kept without canceling anything.

In addition, sophomore Megan Mendoza said, “The school could allow students who want to participate attend the dance/week and take precaution by sanitizing things constantly in order to keep everybody healthy.”

Overall, there are many possibilities the school can consider but alas what matters most is the safety of the stingarees.


The Truth about the Homecoming Parade/Dance

BETA Advisor, Dr. Hueck was able to concur that, “At this moment homecoming parade/dance is not happening due to COVID-19 and keeping our physical distance would be impossible.” So, it seems as there is no hope for homecoming to occur this semester, but “They’re thinking maybe next semester.” After all there might be hope but alas it’s all up to how well we improve in contamination control.

A drawback Dr. Hueck is facing is the disappointment of missing out on the homecoming activities “…because it’s such a big event at MHS and great tradition. BETA will continue participating in any events that the school comes up with, but of course it’s not the same. But BETA will be okay.


Why Participate in Homecoming?

  • Homecoming is about enjoyment. Releasing your energy in a positive manner with friends.
  • You feel more social and anxiety levels may reduce, encouraging you to get involved in other activities.
  • Makes the high school experience even better, by making the most of your four years.
  • Expresses your creativity and artistry that people will see and appreciate.