Bullying hurts people more than you can imagine

Pinterest by Normy Bates

Pinterest by Normy Bates

By Helen Lugo, Staff Writer

 Bullying and suicide are more serious topics than we could imagine. My best friend K. is a very beautiful girl, but this generation loves to bully others on the way we look. She’s a very skinny person, and she’s always been insecure about that specific thing.  To me, it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or plus-sized; we are all beautiful regardless of our clothes size or physical appearance.

   It all started in middle school 8th grade year, and it affected K. in a way where it got to the point of suicide crossing her mind. She has always been insecure about her weight {how skinny she is} so people pointing out her biggest insecurities made her hate herself even more, she said.

My biggest insecurity is my body. Why? I truly don’t know, but I still love myself everyday no matter what anyone thinks.

   This type of bullying is known as verbal bullying, but it got to the point where people would swipe up on her Instagram story where she would post pictures of herself.  People would tell her to eat more, to gain weight, so it turned into cyber-bullying as well.  At that point she just wanted to end it all because, ‘’I wasn’t good enough for people’s standards,‘’ K. stated. I was the only person she thought that could help her.

    “In a way you helped me a lot,” she said, but she didn’t feel comfortable speaking to anyone else about the situation.  I couldn’t be more glad to have her by my side today.

  After months of me trying to help her, she finally came to her senses and realized people’s negative opinions on you should not matter and you shouldn’t let anyone take over your life with negative opinions.  She realized all bodies are beautiful no matter what. Never let anyone take over your life or let them be the reason why you take your own life.

  We sat on Facetime all night long on a Saturday night talking about what she went through because even after everything, her mom still had no clue her precious daughter was going through all this. I’m glad she realized her own worth and that taking her life was only going to cause pain to the people around her, especially her parents. Now she is more beautiful than ever, and she finally has the confidence to start posting on her Instagram again. I couldn’t be prouder of the person she is today.

  Everyone has at least one thing they are insecure about. I do too, and it’s normal because we are not perfect.

   The meaning behind this story is that we need to learn how to love ourselves regardless of what others may think.  Just like K., other kids might be dealing with what she went through, and those kids might have no one to talk to or feel like they have no one to go to. Hopefully, they learn that others’ irrelevant opinions on them do not matter and they get through the tough times with an adult’s help or a friend’s help.

    A friend is not always needed, but it does feel nice to have a friend help you when you feel that an adult is not the best person to turn to in the case of bullying. I saw everything K. went through, and it wasn’t the best experience, and I wasn’t even the one going through it at the moment.  Unfortunately, she and I stopped talking for months, but writing this story was the perfect way to start a friendship all over again.