Student Government Association (SGA)

By Lester Flores, Staff Writer

   Student Government Association, otherwise known as SGA, is a student-led organization created to be the voice of the student body and represent Miami High. SGA helps students build leadership and organizational and communication skills throughout their high school careers. President Danelia Nunez reports that Student Government is currently hosting one community service opportunity for students of any grade level to participate in. The Letters of Gratitude service includes writing a letter to your preferred teacher(s). You’re able to write as many letters as you want, and for each letter you turn in, you will receive 2 community service hours. When completed, email the letter to @[email protected] Make sure to express your appreciation to our educators here at Miami High. Vice President Adriana Cristales reports that senators gain knowledge and experience through Student Government and are important components at Miami High because of their assistance with school events and activities.