A Taste of The Marias


Source: www.remezcla.com Maria and four other Bandmates.

By Jose Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The Marias are a psychedelic band, whose music offers comfort and peace. They’re for the free spirited and open-minded folks. Theirs is a distinctive sound with timeless passion.

Sophomore Tiffany Fernandez recently discovered the band during summer of 2020. She enjoyed her uneventful summer days listening to the band. She states, “I love being able to tune their music while doing chores, makes me feel energized and motivated to overachieve.”

The Marias, who are yet to become mainstream, is a five-member band from Los Angeles, California, composed of Puerto Rican singer Maria Zardoya alongside Josh Conway, a native L.A. drummer; Jesse Perlman, their guitar soloist; Edward James on the keyboard; and Carter Lee, the bassist. They deserve exposure and appreciation.

Type of Music They Produce

The Marias produce music in both Spanish and English. They alternate the lyrics in Spanish and English to see what version best fits the lyrics’ personality.  Then they produce background instrumentals and vocals to create perfection.

Their main genres are Indie pop, psychedelic soul, and alternative. Fusing guitar riffs, jazz, funk, and other vintage sounds, their diverse love songs go beyond the limits of love songs.

They are the reimagination of ‘90s Indie pop sound with early ‘70s and late ‘60s psychedelic sound. They incorporate contemporary and electronic influences in-order to keep their listeners on edge.

Sophomore Megan Mendoza says, “When I was first introduced to the band, I instantly felt a connection. There’s this vibe that’s captivating and makes me feel like I was taken into older decades.”

Motivation Behind “The Marias”

Lead singer Maria was influenced by various Tejano (Texan) singers such as Selena Quintanilla and Julieta Venegas.    Maria has such great vocals that greet the human ear. Meanwhile, lead drummer Josh was influenced by the groups “Tame Impala” and “The


Maria and Josh met at Canter’s Kibitz Room in Los Angeles. Josh Conway was impressed by Maria’s voice and asked her to create music together. Shortly after that, they met Edward, Carter, and Jesse who then formed “The Marias”.

What I Like Most of Their Music

The thing I love most about their type of music is the ability to feel relaxed, they are like the perfect puzzle for those uneventful days. Their vibe is a vintage paradise, fresh as it can get, natural feeling, unthinkable, and premium.

Meanwhile junior Evelyn Perez states that this is not her type of music, but “I’ll admit that they do have a comforting factor that I can’t find in rap; therefore, I only listen to The Marias on days I feel stressed.”

These Marias songs are some of my favorites

Give them a listen and expand your music taste:

*Care for You




*I Don’t Know You


*Over the Moon


Why You Might Like the Marias

If you enjoy listening to the band “Men I Trust” or soloists “Kali Uchis” or “Clairo”, you would like “The Marias” because they share a similar element of contemporary R&B, alternative, and vintage sounds.

Music is the ability to feel motivated, calm, and vibrations of the song, and The Marias deliver that. Their music transports me into another dimension of carefree contentment and makes me forget of all the stress that burdens me; therefore, the Marias have a spot on my playlist.

Giving Back to the Community

The Marias sell various merchandise, but not all profit is for them. They are considerate and understand that they have a better living than others, so 10% of the profit they earn goes into different organizations such as “Feeding America” (Supplies food for food banks), Human Rights, “RAICES” (defending rights of immigrants). They change organizations depending on the merchandise they’re selling. Their goal is to help various individuals and impact their lives.