How To Pass Virtual School With Ease


By Andre Brown, Staff Writer

This year was my first year of doing school virtually, and I am proud of myself because I am doing very good in almost every class.  Although I play a sport, I don’t take that as an excuse to not complete any of my work. If you don’t participate in any extracurricular activities, then completing assignments should be easy for you. I mean you have all day to catch up on any assignments or studying that you need to do.

No matter if you play a sport or do an extracurricular activity or not,  that does not mean that you can’t complete any assignments. As a matter of fact, even if you tell your teacher that you can’t complete your assignments, she or he is not going to tolerate that excuse. They will tell you, “That is not my problem. you need to find a way to make it work.”

There are a lot of challenges for taking classes online. ”There are some things that’s better to learn physically but, instead we have to do it virtually,” said a freshman at Belen Jesuit where some classes are taken online while others are taken in person. For example,  “It is easier to learn how to graph linear functions physically than virtually because you get to visually see it.” Darrion Lovinsky, a 9th grader at Miami High said, ”Having to turn in work at a specific time of the day and the amount of work given” are the biggest challenges for him.

In order to wake up energized and ready to start the day, you need to get at least 7 hours of sleep. You need this amount of sleep so that your body is fully ready, not sleepy and tired. Many people think that if they go to sleep late, there will be no problem with waking up early in the morning. It is YOUR responsibility to give your body the ability to wake up on time every school day.

If you are not getting the right amount of hours you need to wake up fully, then you are making bad habits. It is also bad for your health to go to sleep late. You may even miss one of your virtual classes that you have to wake up early for. Trust me, I have seen it happen before in class. Why do you think Lebron James is one the best players in the NBA? I am so glad you asked, it is simply because he goes to sleep at a good time so that he can wake up in the morning sharp…. ready to go to do what he does best.

Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast. You need a meal before you start your first class for the day. Protein will probably be the go to thing to eat.  I tend to eat some peanut butter and crackers or a banana here and there to keep me full until lunch time. A healthy body makes a healthy mind. Breakfast is the most important meal out of all, so it is important that you eat something in the morning. If you miss breakfast, you are on the bad side which involves stomach aches, headaches and other bad things.

When you have free time or lunch time, you should be looking for any assignments that your teachers have assigned to you. If your teacher gives you an assignment and you do not finish during class, then during your free time you should finish it up. If you are an athlete like me then you should make a schedule for yourself like I do. If I know that I have an assignment due the next day, then I would remind myself (even in practice) that as soon as I get back home I have to finish this assignment.

4 tips for successful learning in a virtual class

  • Study and review notes everyday

  • Listen closely for instructions by your teacher

  • Work smart, not hard

  • Stay on top of all your work for every class