English Honor Society (EHS)

By Alejandra Anias , Staff writer

The English Honor Society is one of the clubs offered at Miami Senior High, in which students are welcome to join and enjoy the many activities it offers. President of the club Melissa Elmhorst and sponsor Mr. Jimenez said, “The English Honor Society club at Miami High is dedicated to all things English, creative writing, journalism, development of critical thinking skills, and, of course, reading! At first, our club may seem like a second English or Reading class, but that is not what the club’s leaders strive for. As president, I oversee the club’s officers’ operations and choose what content we read or watch during meetings. We read/watch everything from famous short stories to funny Tik Toks to satirical tweets. In other words, we make our meetings fun and engaging! Our upcoming meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 19, and we sure hope to see you there! I, as well as our advisor Mr. Jimenez and our officers, encourage you to apply to the club next quarter. We welcome students of all grades and English/Reading class levels!”